Interview with Supplier : Lanificio Subalpino

For the Marketplace launch, we will give the floor to Premiere Vision suppliers to speak about the evolution of the fashion industry and the Marketplace project. Today, discover Lanificio Subalpino with his president Nicolò Zumaglini.


Lanificio Subalpino Team


Première Vision : Please present your company 

Nicolò Zumaglini : Lanificio Subalpino is an italian family company and has been working in the textile industry for 40 years. The Company is located in the textile area of Biella – Italy.


PV : What are your specialities in the fashion industry ?

NZ : We are specialized in producing made in Italy fancy fabrics in natural fibers and mixed for jacketing , trousers , suits , coats and accessories. In our summer collection we mainly produce cotton and linen fabrics , while in winter we work with wool fabrics . A range of sustainable fabrics is also part of both winter and summer collections .


PV : What do you think about the future of the fashion industry ? What are your expectations ?

NZ : The fashion industry is an important part of the economy world , it is growing , changing and evolving . Less formal and more casual wear and direction e-commerce. We think that working with innovation and creativity will be a great opportunity for our company to grow in the next future.


Lanificio Subalpino - Fabrics 2


PV : What do you know about the Premiere Vision Marketplace ?

NZ : Premiere Vision Marketplace is the perfect answer to the changements taking place in the fashion business putting in touch perfectly supply and demand.


PV : With the Premiere Vision Marketplace, sourcing evolves. In your opinion, what changes will the Marketplace bring to the future, compared to today?

NZ : Premiere Vision is really a very important Player in the world of the international exhibitions and this step with the creation of the PV Marketplace is a great idea.  An important opportunity for our company to show the products on line and to meet new potential customers from all over the world .


Logo Lanificio Subalpino

Lanificio Subalpino is an italian family with a strong experience in the textile industry. They offer fancy fabrics in natural fibers, made in Italy.

Discover more about Lanificio Subalpino on their online marketplace store, click here.


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