Interview with Olivier Bochard, CEO of Trouillet

The Marketplace team wanted to hear from Olivier Bochard, CEO of Trouillet, who quickly recognised the opportunity offered by the Première Vision Marketplace’s digital services. This type of adaptability is part of the company’s core values.


To best meet the demands of its customers, the company currently relies on a 100% eco-responsible network. And it has gone even further through its innovative initiatives, in particular with regard to new eco-responsible materials. This has proven a very effective way for this French company to involve its partners and inspire them with its own vision of the future of textiles.


“We can be eco-responsible and creative”

Olivier Bochard: CEO of Trouillet


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Please introduce yourself.


After completing my studies at the school of textile industries in Epinal and then at the IFM, I became a product manager in a Parisian shirt manufacturing company. I’m 56 and have been the head of Trouillet, a family business, since 1996, after having acquired it in a leveraged buyout operation with an English fund.



Why did you choose this industry?


Honestly, I have no idea. My parents were in the textile industry, which certainly contributed to my choice. However, one thing is sure, I don’t regret it and I enjoy my job.




What’s the defining characteristic of your company and its products?


Our distinguishing feature is being as nimble as possible. We can adapt our product mix to market demands in practically real time. The creation budgets drawn up at the beginning of the year are allocated according to trends throughout the year.


We are in a constant process of creation, and are trying to serve the market as quickly as possible.





As for our products, we have 3 collections – Tecmoda, Bee and Mood, and Kids – that allow us to adapt to a full range of targets. Our collections are always structured around colour themes. And finally, it’s important to us that our products represent the Trouillet DNA.




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Can you tell us about your clients?



We work both with major retail chains – including Zara, Etam and Burton – and fashion brands. Our collections are targeted to women and children. By coming to us, our customers know that they’re getting both creativity and all the accompanying services: quality, reactivity and a respect for short lead times.



What are the values of your company?


We’re accustomed to turning difficulties into opportunities. And in this business ,there’s plenty to keep us busy… Another thing is: we never make excuses for ourselves.


More and more brands are committing to an eco-responsible approach. Do you think that creativity and eco-responsibility are compatible in the textile sector?


Absolutely. In fact, it’s indispensable: for our planet and to be in step with customer demand.

Moreover, it provides a great opportunity for our company.



Can you tell us some of the inspirations and highlights of your upcoming SS 20 collection?



For spring-summer 2020, we are particularly focusing on strongly colourful ambiances, rich and textured materials and a wide choice of prints, stripes and checks.




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What are the main S/S20 trends being requested by designers and buyers? What was the feedback on your products at last February’s PV show?


We encountered a strong demand for eco-responsible products (organic cotton/recycled polyester, eco-friendly viscose…). But there’s also a strong demand for ” fantasy ” products that enable our customers to stand out in their window and shelf displays.






Can you tell us about the key product you presented at the show? What are its specific features?


A stripe in a washed cotton quality, in a range of strong colours with fluorescent accents.




Fabrics | Colour-woven | TROUILLET, France | Réf : 32878-JRK-011 – CO BABEL 17| 91% CO 03% PES 06% VI | See more




Fabrics | Colour-woven | TROUILLET, France | Réf : 32880-JRM-011 – CO BABEL 19 | 91% CO 03% PES 06% VI | See more



Why did you decide to join the Première Vision Marketplace?


We believe the Marketplace is a great opportunity both in terms of finding new customers and in terms of reducing the time to market with our existing customers.



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Trouillet is a textile company based in Chauffailles in Burgundy. Founded in 1910, it now has approximately 12 employees and relies on a local industrial system. Since the 1970s, it has specialized in creating colour-woven collections for men and children, and later women’s collections. Today, 40% of the company’s turnover is generated in France and 60% comes from exports. Trouillet produces nearly 1 million metres of fabric per year.


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