“How can we invent the fashion of the future?”

How can we invent the fashions of the future? To answer this question, Arendt van Deyk and Nadine-Isabelle Baier launched the Aeance brand in 2015, a mix of aesthetics, high-tech and eco-responsibility.

What kind of approach are you taking with Aeance?
Our goal is to invent fashion for tomorrow, by combining technical materials that are also aesthetically appealing and stylish. We have built a chain of production focused on eco-responsibility with the motto: “Less, but better”. It’s about slow consumption, and timeless luxury items. We manufacture our clothes in Portugal where we have found partners who integrate technology and craftsmanship and a respect for parity criteria and energy renewal. Producing in Europe also reduces our carbon footprint.

Where do your raw materials come from and how do you source them?
They come from Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Japan and New Zealand. They are produced to most demanding standards and certifications such as: Bluesign®, OEKO-TEX®, Global Recycle Standard and ZQ Merino. We are very attentive to the selection of our partners and Première Vision Paris is, in our opinion, a terrific platform to spot innovations and meet new and existing suppliers.




Which technologies do you use?
Our collections are produced using the latest technologies, including laser cutting, bio-degradable materials, bionic membranes, etc. Our Collection 03 is the most advanced in terms of eco-responsibility. Around 96% of its textiles are recycled, purely natural, bio-based, or biodegradable. The blazers and jackets are produced with merino wool from New Zealand, and an ultralight recycled stretch nylon from Japan.The coats are made from a waterproof and breathable material, which is PFC and PTFE free, made from recycled plastic bottles.

You collaborate with designers for each collection. Tell us about these partnerships.
We worked with the young designers Hien Le and Steven Tai for the first and second collection, and collaborated with the acclaimed industrial designer Konstantin Grcic for the third. He introduced a different point of view from another industry, while at the same time he shares our values in terms of aesthetics and deep passion for materials.

In your opinion, how can we develop the virtuous circle that will transform the world of fashion?
We are the first generation to feel the concrete effects of climate change and the last to be able to act. Fortunately, there’s truly a general increasing awareness about the issue, and we want to help develop that. We encourage our consumers to evaluate their buying (what do I really need?) and to factor environmental-impact criteria into their choices. We also really admire the organizations that are concretely advocating for change, such as the Global Fashion Agenda, the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. And of course, Première Vision Paris and its Smart Creation platform!

At the September show, discover the space dedicated to responsible fashion, Smart Creation (Hall 3), which brings together:
Smart Materials & Services: a selection of sustainable development specialists.
• Smart Library: a forum for eco-responsible and innovative products.
• Smart Talks: talks and discussions around issues related the fashion of tomorrow.
• Smart Wardrobe: an exhibition featuring finished products from fashion brands.

More information about Smart Creation


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