Harris Tweed Hebrides: Handwoven Heritage

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For more than a century, Harris Tweed® has been recognised as one of the world’s most durable – as well as fashionable – fabrics


Made from pure wool in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

Harris Tweed Hebrides, manufacture each metre of handwoven fabric in accordance with The Harris Tweed Act, maintaining the integrity and distinctive character of the fabric which is recognised globally as Harris Tweed®.

Harris Tweed® is produced using traditional skills and always made from 100% pure new wool. We operate a vertical mill, scoured wool is fibre dyed, carded and spun then warped for weaving.

The process then moves to the homes of 150 highly skilled independent weavers, scattered around the island, where Harris Tweed is handwoven on specially designed treadle looms.  The handwoven tweed is returned for finishing at our mill in Shawbost. Every length of Harris Tweed® is independently inspected by the Harris Tweed Authority before it is finally stamped with the authenticating Orb certification mark. Each stage of this process is ensures the high-quality Harris Tweed® is renowned for.


Hand weaving was once a basic industry in all the countries and regions of northern Europe.

Over the centuries, this has largely disappeared, and the Harris Tweed industry remains a rare exception to that rule. The intricate skills, both of mill workers and home weavers, have been built up over generations and as recently as the latter part of the 20th century was in danger of being lost when the industry went into decline. In islands long afflicted by out-migration, Harris Tweed Hebrides helps sustain not only a viable local economy but also the Gaelic language and culture of the villages in which weavers live and work.

The Harris Tweed Hebrides ‘Heritage Collection’ features some of our most popular Harris Tweed® designs, all stock backed and ready for immediate dispatch. Our wider collection features over 700 fabrics (MOQ apply) and our team are available to work on bespoke designs if you have any specific requirements.

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