Hair-turning trends

Whether in the most luxurious velvets, precious wool fake furs or rich silks with a handmade feel, fabrics with a hairy or tufted look and feel are a winter-season constant. A look at the latest hair-turning trends from Pontoglio, Schulte and Dutel.

Pontoglio, velvet-maker since 1883: The textile catalogue at Italy’s Pontoglio has been banking on velvet as a showpiece of luxury and distinction for over a century. In addition to the great plain-dyed classics of this precious fabric, Pontoglio offers its customers a wealth of inspiration from its textile archives, spanning the history of taste and trends. The company stands out for its expertise in printing on pile velvet: a complex undertaking where traditional know-how trumps industrial processes. For the AW 2021 season, Pontoglio is updating three major classics – polka dots, tartan and brocade – with chromatic and volume effects that are decisively eclectic and glamorous. The company is also wagering this season on denim, reworked using a traditional corrosion printing technique to lend a unique vibration to cotton velvets.

At Schulte – a specialist in fake furs made from woollens – alpaca, mohair and non-mulesing wool take centre stage in their offer of furs with rich and precious handles that are 100% cruelty-free. Combining these classic fibres with finishing processes and innovative fabric blends, the German company offers a catalogue of natural-fibre furs ranging from the purest and most authentic effects to complex and opulent optical elaborations. Long or short, smooth or curly, tamed or wild, hairs for the next season are boldly daring, especially when it comes to colour and volume.

From the reassuring warmth of Nordic craftsmanship to the delicate bloom of a flower, the electric atmosphere of a big city or the subtle fascination of the Orient, Dutel’s new AW 2021 collection is a world tour of textile inspirations. Founded in 1937 by Jean & Marcel Dutel, this family business specializing in cut-yarn silkies is set to launch its very first collection of eco-friendly jacquard fabrics at this September’s edition of Première Vision Paris. This traditional French company gives a unique twist to the coming winter season with downy tweeds and shaggy jacquards inspired by Scandinavian craftsmanship; fine, foamy tweeds combined with fluid fabrics with a soft and felted English flair; kimono-rich silks refreshed by just a hint of American disco or a 1980s ska feeling; hairy effects; and plays on optical volumes.

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