“Habitat 21”, a fashion-forward & responsible project by Denim PV

Next 3 & 4 December at Printworks London, you’ll discover “Habitat 21”  – a fashion-forward & responsible project created by Denim PV in collaboration with Kristian Guerra, Filippo Maria and the Denim PV Smart Creation exhibitors.

The project is based on the Smart Creation Première Vision programme, whose goal is to highlight PV exhibitors’ eco-responsible approaches and help you create eco-responsible fashion.

What are the Smart Creation criteria?

  • The product: transformed, organic, biopolymers, alternative materials.
  • The production processing stages: dyes, finishing techniques, traceability.
  • The company’s environmental approach: resource, energy and waste management; social and ethics initiatives.

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denim habitat

©Clark van der Beken

The season communicates a different perception of the future of the denim, underlining eco-responsibility through a collaboration with companies sharing eco-responsible values, working with sustainable fibres and producing fabrics with eco-conscious processes and finishings.

The aim is to express unexpected directions and experimental variations. To create an unpredictable cycle of thoughts and associations, providing an experiential change to challenge perceptions and assumptions.

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The collaboration

Denim Première Vision continues to dialogue with art, design and architecture through the visions of Kristian Guerra and Filippo Maria, the guests of this edition. Both use their background and knowledge to destroy and REBUILD. They believe in alteration as a starting point for innovation.

This season’s collaboration shows a common interest in analysing contemporary society, with a focus on the role of people in society, the impact of the individual on the community and the importance of investigating the role of boundaries, limits.

Creating the ability to transform, rethink and experiment.

Allowing visitors to descend into a tangible space of imagination and creation.

Spring Summer 21 communicates a different perception of the future, underlining inevitable questions about sustainability and renewal while also highlighting the complexity of today’s modern society.

The fashion installation for Spring Summer 21 shapes new spaces and developments. It investigates, reveals and shapes new propositions.

denim habitat

©Artem Bryzgalov

The collaborators

Kristian Guerra

Born in Italy in 1988, Kristian Guerra is fascinated by the deep relationship between clothing, urban culture, a rugged attitude and forms of communication.
He attended a degree course in fashion design at IUAV University of Venice. After graduating, in 2011, Kristian was selected as one of the finalists in the tenth edition of the ITS (International Talent Support) contest in Trieste, winning the “Fashion Special Prize” and the “d la Repubblica Prize”.
Thanks to his talent and visibility, Kristian Guerra started collaborating with various brands, in the fields of both style and communication.
The common denominator of his work is a short-circle made of sense, functionality and gender; mixed with streetwear influences and his attitude to innovation.
His universe is a place where concepts are fluid, where ideas become obsessions and obsessions evolve into provocations. In his work, enormous attention to materials merges with a major respect for human differences.

Filippo Maria Studio

Visual Artist, Art director, Designer with a background in fine art and architecture and a diverse portfolio of work spanning all art form, from live, digital and immersive experiential art installation to cinematography . Over 10 years experience working on major projects, including the Olympic Ceremony 2012, the Great festival of creativity in Shanghai, World Expo 2015 in Milan, and London Fashion week.
Founder and Creative director of FLMRS, a creative studio bringing together a team of visual artists, architects and designers producing artworks and working directly with brands on bespoke commercial project, in complementary field of spatial design, sculpture and site-specific art installation.
Filippo Maria believes that art takes on various forms intend to draw in the viewer as co-author and witness, it creates new and unpredictable cycle of thoughts and association, providing an experiential change to challenge one’s  perception and assumptions.
Through art we observe and question society; we investigate and reveal, debate and shape, participate and enrich the fabric of all our lives.

The Smart Creation exhibitors

Advance Denim, Berto, Bossa, Calik Denim, Kilim, Naveena, Orta Anadolu, Panama Trimmings, Prosperity Textile, Rajby, Raymond Uco, Soorty, Evlox-Tavex.


Don’t miss the chance to discover “Habitat 21

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