Haas: exemplary leathers and multiple uses

By combining exemplary manufacturing with the latest trends, Haas has won over a myriad of clients from numerous sectors. The Alsatian tannery is preparing a full slate of surprises for Blossom, with an emphasis on quality! 



Founded in 1842 in the heart of Alsace, Haas Tanneries has been producing exemplary quality calf leathers for six generations. Producing around 15,000 skins per month, its offer favours natural, only slightly covered items to set off the leather grain. The company’s leading client sector is, of course, leather goods, but they also target saddlery, watch straps, apparel and footwear with more specific items, such as mixed tanned leathers (chrome and vegetable) to lend a fineness or certain adhesion to the grain and help it to age well.

Its rigorous sourcing of skins, entirely French, allows it to maintain a very consistent level of quality and ensure skin traceability. This translates into increased customer confidence. The company is integrated from raw skins to finished leathers, for better control over its environmental impact, which has been a driving concern of the tannery since the 1980s and 1990s, by which time it already established a connection to the inter-municipal water treatment station and a clean de-chroming plant. An engineer is specifically assigned to comply with Reach standards, working closely with all the company’s suppliers. Haas is also undergoing intensive research into chrome-free articles of a quality at least equivalent to those in its catalogue today, and which will be even less harmful to the environment. But the tannery remains equally creative, to foster desire on the part of fashion brands. At the next Blossom show, alongside its timeless and natural classics, the tannery will present more articles evoking the latest trends, with supple handles for apparel, soft candle-touch finishes and varnished or metallic shine.



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