Guiding the textile sector along the road to innovation

Première Vision underlines its commitment to supporting tech innovation in the fashion industry by inviting clusters, incubators and R&D institutes to be involved in the Wearable Lab.

Wearable Lab exhibitors can confirm that the fashion industry is in the midst of a major transition towards a creative product combining textile innovation and technology. For the textile sector to position itself strategically in this fast-growing market, it needs concrete and reliable support from players who are already leaders in the field of innovation.

Indispensable know-hows

For decades, the new-technologies industry has been working to give people the tools they need to integrate an environment guided by the words digital, electronics and technology. The fashion industry is slowly advancing in this direction, and is counting more than ever on the expertise of players with already confirmed know-how. That’s what’s offered by the Aitex Institute, whose mission is to tailor this know-how to the needs of fashion and transmit it to fabric manufacturers, so they can find their way in a niche market that is sure to grow in the coming years. This cluster relies on R & D projects to help brands make use of emerging technologies in their own products, and also provides the certifications they need to establish themselves in an already competitive market. Come meet the company’s representatives at the Wearable Lab space. And to learn more about new product design as seen through the prism of new technologies, from design to finished product, join us 13 February at 12pm for a masterclass: “From concept to reality”.


AITEX-Instituto Tecnologico Textil (2)-1

© AITEX – Instituto Tecnologico Textil

AITEX-Instituto Tecnologico Textil 1

© AITEX – Instituto Tecnologico Textil

A necessarily collaborative process

Innovation can also be developed through a collaboration between complementary industries. The French UpTex cluster, which sees itself as “Facilitating and Incentivising Innovation,” leads a group of 30 companies working on the development of Smart Textiles and Wearables. From providing information regarding the challenges of new technologies, to project coordination and monitoring, it is helping to build an international network of innovative textile companies.

And since transitioning to new textile models also involves companies’ operational reorganisation, Première Vision has organised the “Building a Team” masterclass, where the various ways of setting up new creative and development departments will be outlined, as well as how to integrate the new players necessary to guide textile companies on the road to innovation.

> See you next 13 February at 3pm!

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