Graphic perfection

A spring summer 19 expressed in energetic and joyfully minimal geometrics, high-quality geometrics striving for perfection. Indispensable stripes, their rhythms patterned on towelling and deckchairs, are featured in reversible versions on technical textiles. Fine layers of graphics and overprintings play across synthetic surfaces. Prints with hatched florals have an abstract but always controlled aspect, part floral knit and part digital print. This graphic perfection can also be played in a softer register, with interplays of multi-coloured yarns, or more cheerful, even funny, on the smart-looking structures of some accessories.

Energetic and colourful three-toned stripes from Italy’s Its Artea are broken down in reversible versions on technical fabrics with an impalpable lightness. These paired, polished, resined fabrics, coordinated with classic basics and jersey or jacquard fabrics, principally for outerwear, are in perfect tune with current trends for sport and leisure clothing.



Digital prints adopt the look of Matisse-like collages. At Eddy Ricami Project, fine graphic layers and pastel prints are combined to give a structured look to bags or shoes. Synthetic materials in varying thicknesses are laser cut, embroidered, or screen printed for an unsettling three-dimensional result.


This graphic perfection can also play it softer, as at the Portuguese manufacturer Filasa. The interplay of multi-coloured yarns blurs geometric outlines, sometimes merging into shimmering reflections. The twisting and dyeing techniques give a slubbed aspect to yarns, and a handmade feel.

An abstract weave combined with a floral knit spread over cotton and linen grounds, or on lace or jacquards for special occasions, breaks with the usual. Graphic flowers printed on natural, light and colourful fibres for summer. Sizes so enlarged they verge on abstraction. That and more is what Italian company Seterie Argenti proposes this season.


When graphic perfection teams with technical perfection, it creates a devilish mix and spruce structures. An idea of comfort and design championed by Suolificio Gloria, with innovative wood or cork soles printed in 3D. Delicious colours and shapes to cushion shocks with a smile.

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