Getex, a professional in your own way!


Located in the heart of the Vendée region of Challans, the GETEX group has been designing, modelling and manufacturing your clothing since 1978.


Its expertise?

– Women’s, men’s and children’s ready-to-wear on luxury clothing made in France

– Administrative and military clothing, high-end ready-to-wear on large series

– Image clothing: designed in France in our Design Office and manufactured in our subsidiary or at our manufacturing partners.


GETEX employs 65 people in France, including 50 in production, 8 in the design office and 7 in administration, logistics and purchasing.

Innovation, trust and quality are our fundamental values for your satisfaction.


Fashion Know-how

_Luxury and top-of-the-range ready-to-wear: Coats, jackets, duck down jackets, parkas, softshell,…
_Manufacture of Military and administrative parts: Tight clothing, resistant to CBRN risks
_Working with materials: Duck down, cotton wool, flaked cotton wool, neoprene, leather, fur or any other technical material
_Manufacture of waterproof clothing with heat-sealed seams.


A design office at your disposal

– 3 modelers
– 4 prototype machines
– Realization of your patronages from your models, drawings, or study pieces.
– Software : LECTRA System, Modaris, Modaris, Modaris Expert, Diamino and automatic cutting LECTRA
– Gradations of your top pieces for women, men, children.


Share their expertise during your visit to Made in France Première Vision on April 3 and 4!

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