A revolution in connected textile

Projections are forecasting as many as 18 million connected clothing items will be sold across the world by 2021 (source ABI Research). Zip and Go ® can convert any product with a zip into a connected object.

Created in 2015 by Philippe Tourrette (formerly with Ioltech, Tourrette Investissements) and Alexandre Faucher (formerly with Microsoft), Zip and Go opens up new fields of possibilities for textile players hoping to join the connected-object revolution.

Zip and Go ® transforms a simple zipper into a connected sensor, offering new uses. Fully embedded in the zipper itself, Zip and Go ® can track the daily use of personal or professional objects. It lets the user connect textile objects to a smartphone – so they can be alerted whenever the object is zipped or unzipped, to activate other connected functions and to track the location or activity of any product on which it’s installed.

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Innovation developed and manufactured in France

It started with a simple awareness of how much time can be spent looking for or replacing lost or stolen objects.  Connected textile zippers emerged very quickly as the best solution to transform a mechanical gesture like closing a purse or coat into a “smart” gesture. After two years of R & D and patent filings, Zip and Go ® is the first connected solution on the market integrating an electronic and digital e-textile. Marketed since the start of last summer, Zip and Go ® technology already equips Tintamar’s SmartZip connected pouches, and talks are underway with professionals in the leather goods, outdoor equipment and personal protective equipment sectors.

Genius Objects : your e-textile partner

Genius Objects is a start-up specialized in connected textiles for fashion and leathergoods brands and industry professionals. Founded in early 2016, Genius Objects is part of the connected object revolution, opening the doors to this new market to textile and leathergoods brands with “Ready to connect” technology solutions. It offers patented interdisciplinary technologies: sensors, electronics, smartphone application and cloud infrastructure. Know-how and technologies that connect products, protecting them from being lost, stolen or forgotten, and enhancing them with new features.

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