François Charon, La Manufacture


“We have been general shoe manufacturers since 1927. There is no longer a training centre or school for the manufacture of shoes, although at the Manufacture some people still train as bootmakers. So we took our destiny into our own hands by creating about 4 years ago a shoe school, which welcomes 5 to 6 people on professionalization contracts who will be trained on different manufacturing positions. At the end of these 12 months of professionalization contract they join the company in the form of permanent contracts and learn the trade from supervisors and people identified as being experts in the trade, capable of passing on their know-how over the years.

Some positions in shoe manufacturing require up to 4 years of training for an employee. It takes about an hour cumulative time to make a pair of shoes, which requires between 30 and 40 different steps, from cutting the leather, stitching and assembling – the step where the top and bottom come together – to finishing. All these stages involve many different professions and therefore require the establishment of as many training courses. Most of our employees are trained on 2 or 3 positions. Some have mastered the entire manufacturing process but very few have reached this level of expertise. We have to train people all the time.”

Interview conducted at the Made in France Première Vision trade show on March 28 and 29th 2018.

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