Five tanners reveal their world of French leather

It’s one of the most dynamic, most exclusive sectors in the French economic landscape. An up-close look through five different experiences…

Tanneries Roux

The secret of natural leather

The tannery brought forth its first “leathers of character” in its R&D laboratory. The collection goes back to the very roots of the tanner’s expertise: an authentic appearance, a round and soft hand, a creamy touch and a grain that’s instantly recognizable. The Heritage collection was developed to reveal, through a minimum of finishes, the most outstanding skins with a smooth appearance. Only barely coated, their beauty lies in their fragility, a beauty transformed over time as its patina develops. This natural aspect is particularly sought after by connoisseurs, and constitutes a true technical feat.

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Rémy Carriat Tannery

A 360° operation

The Rémy Carriat Tannery has been making exceptional leathers in the village of Espelette since 1927. Recognizable among thousands, these skins retain the natural marks of the animals’ lives, and are particularly attractive thanks to their creaminess, quality and resistance. These bull and buffalo leathers are intended for the leather goods, furnishings, decoration and accessories sectors, though the Tannery also undertakes projects for the automotive, aeronautical and naval industries.

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©Rémy Carriat Tannery

©Rémy Carriat Tannery

Showroom Tannerie du Puy



©Bodin-Joyeux, Rial 1957 Tannery, Tanneries du Puy


A palette of 300 colours

Since 1860, Bodin-Joyeux has excelled in the production of parchment – a rare know-how that it takes pride in preserving – but the company is also world-renowned for the extreme quality of its leathers, especially its full-aniline lambskin: the plongé. The tannery has a palette of some 300 colours, enriched each season with dozens of new shades. The raw skins, which are tanned in Levroux, are destined for leading names in fashion, including Chanel, which Bodin-Joyeux became part of in 2013.

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Rial 1957 Tannery

Know-how and education

The last French tannery specialising in working double-sided lamb leather, RIAL 1957 decided, in 2018, to take up an ambitious challenge: to make its customers aware that “each sheep is unique”. This slogan is now used on labels as a reminder that, unlike synthetic products, each skin has its own particularities. A message also conveyed at every opportunity by Grégory Meiler, company president: “We have machines in the factory but they are not photocopiers. So yes, each sheepskin is unique!”

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Tanneries du Puy

A spirit of service

Founded in 1946 in Le Puy-en-Velay, Tanneries du Puy opened a showroom in January 2017 to present their iconic leathers and their new products, available to purchase on site in small quantities and even by the unit. The space was designed to meet a very specific need, explains Marie Chapuis, the company’s sales manager. “It gives us a place to meet a variety of requests, from individuals as well as from young designers who had trouble finding the leathers they needed to make their prototypes.”

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The Sustainable Leather Forum in Paris

Sustainable development is a major concern in the leather industry. That is why Première Vision Paris decided to enter into a partnership with the Sustainable Leather Forum,
taking place the day before the show on 16 September 2019 in Paris. Experiences, innovations and progress in terms of tools, products and new technologies will be presented by companies, public organisations and institutions. The goal? To showcase best practices in the leather industry, particularly in France, and provide food for thought to advance sustainable development in the sector.

Everyone to the Leather Library!
Created by the Fédération Française de la Tannerie Mégisserie, the ‘Cuirothèque’ is a library of leathers in Paris where tanners can present their products to industry professionals. Stylists, students, leather-goods makers, designers, interior designers and more are all welcome to visit the space, which functions as a showroom where all varieties proposed by the French Tanners are referenced. Open by appointment only, the “Cuirothèque” allows you to get to know leather, take the time to immerse yourself in it, be inspired by it… before working on it.

Leather at the show in September:

To discover the latest news from these 5 tanners and all 300 tanners exhibiting at Première Vision Leather, join us next 17 to 19 September in Hall 3. More info

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