Finishing in a 3D era

Textile and leather decoration specialist Pact Europact adds 3D embossing to its array of ultra-personalized finishing techniques.



A first for France’s Pact Europact! Now, 3D embossing strengthens its range of its artistic decorative textile and leather effects. Visitors to Blossom Première Vision will get a first taste of this new technique, on display as part of the collection for AW 2019/20.

Embossing consists of producing a raised motif, decorative effect or graphic. It is achieved by heat branding or high-frequency cold embossing, and enhances the precious quality of the raw material. “This 3D treatment opens vast creative opportunities, allowing us to recreate all kinds of shapes – belt buckles or animal motifs, etc.” says Kristil Papin, style director at Pact Europact.

 The French company enriches their embossings with various complementary techniques: embroidery, screen printing, water-jet and laser cutting, etc. And in this vein, other feats are in sight. Cut-yarn embroidery is one variety, illustrated by a dragon decoration. This technique opens another new method of enhancing decorative effects. A new ‘Boule’ stitch is developed on a colourful star pattern.


More than 80% of Pact Europact’s products comply with the specific demands of high-end leather goods, couture and ready-to-wear brands. The new collection captures clients’ imaginations with a showcase of new decorative renderings: multi-colour screen printing mixed with placed cords, leather appliqué cut-outs and embroidery assembly on textiles, laser engraving and embroidery on leather and jeans, placed sequins and more.



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