February 2019 : Fabrics Exhibition Report

Pulse-racing innovation in textiles.

Life is a story of motion, and fashion makes it irresistible! The pulse of the market is indeed judged “racing” by exhibitors at Fabrics, who are tackling the global economic and political turmoil with major leaps in innovation. Despite the climate of instability, they speak of buyers “in action”, launched “in a relentless quest for differentiation”.


Fabrics 2


At Verne & Clet, “2018 was a very positive year,” says Sandrine Vrain, the French sales manager. And 2019 looks good. “We’re halfway through the financial year, and we’ve already achieved last year’s figure.” This season, all the newest products are at the top of the sales list. Fabrics made from Seaqual recycled fibre. Textiles facilitating heat-regulation (patented 37.5 by Cocona). Microencapsulated fabrics diffusing essential oils in a range comprising Silky (thanks to aloe vera), Serenity (verbena and chamomile) and Dry Protect (talc and zinc).

For Vijay Sardesai, export director at Raymond Luxury Cottons, whose stand was always busy at the show, “Innovation makes it possible to win and develop new markets.” In Europe, the Indian company saw a 30% increase in turnover. Its brand new Purolino range, exclusively dedicated to linen, won the prize for softness and suppleness with its “soft and aero finishing” treatments.

The same was true at Eurojersey, which scored a hit with a new technology integrated into its Sensitive (nylon-Lycra) fabric. “You can now create ultra-comfortable tailored items with a woolly aspect using this fabric,” explains Matteo Cecchi. American, Japanese and European buyers made no mistake about that, and the sales manager reports “an 8% increase in sales in 2018.” In his view, the active wear sector is booming. The success of the Sport & Tech universe at the show confirmed that as well. JRC Reflex, exhibiting for the first time, reports it is “thrilled with the quality and diversity of our meetings, with everyone from sports brands to luxury and ready-to-wear brands.” The launch of its retro-reflective yarn, alongside its coated fabrics, captured attention. At Monotex, the patented reflective yarn for weaving, embroidery and knitting was another appealing standout. Italy’s Frizza, meantime, drew attention with reflective finishings that are now also printed.

At the same time, green innovation remains an active growth lever. The GRS label (global recycle standard) is often requested. And professionals are working to respond. The Iluna group presented an exclusive GRS-certified lace at the show. Miroglio announced a triple offer of responsible fabrics for summer 2020 and a 40% increase in orders. At Hemp Fortex, crepe knits made from hemp and organic cotton are doing well this season. Hemp is also making a major breakthrough at Libeco. At Dutel Création, a new jacquard, made entirely of organic cotton and recycled polyester, is attracting interest. Textiles continue their eco-responsible revolution.

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