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The Lace Review

200 years of Leavers lace in Calais and Caudry (France) 14 ultimate French manufacturs
World Touring Exhibition

At the initiative of the City of Calais, the Direction Générale des Entreprises and the Region Hauts-de-France have joined forces to highlight one of the most beautiful jewels in the French fashion and luxury industry: Leavers lace. A true cultural exception, this technique of weaving lace – which combines elegance, engineering and creativity – has marked the territory’s economic activity and imagination since its invention more than 200 years ago. The Lace Review, a touring exhibition, brings together the 14 last manufacturs still operating in Calais and Caudry and exposes to the foreign public the technical specificities that make the richness and uniqueness of this essential material in the fields of fashion and lingerie.

Lace with its finesse, elegance and infinite variety is an emblematic material that is inseparable from femininity. The exhibition evokes the multiplicity of styles and uses of leavers lace through 14 feminine icons from the worlds of show business and fashion. In each module, she presents a different feminine personality, who by her strength of spirit and fashion bias has changed or revolutionized her time to become an icon: the Countess of Castiglione, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, etc…


– an illustrated guide book –

How can we recognize high-quality Leavers lace? What are the gestures, métiers and skills that have characterized Calais and Caudry laces for over 200 years?
Why has this unique weaving technique earned such an impressive reputation so that today it is considered to be an artistic craft?
Knowing about its multiple uses for lingerie, ready-to-wear or haute couture and recognizing its vocabulary and format are ways to understand and master the subtle uses of this luxury lace. Its many styles tell stories about the rich regions where the gestures of this unique trade have been transmitted and refined over time.
Illustrated with reports and photographic portraits of the factories where Leavers lace is still produced today, this book offers a complete panorama for professionals and amateurs of the technical and stylistic elements that make Dentelle de Calais-Caudry® so unique.

The City of Calais and Première Vision are pleased to offer you a copy of this book exploring the unique craftsmanship, skills and know-how of this luxury lace.

Copies available at Première Vision New York, while stocks last.


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