Fancies Selection for Spring-Summer 21

The season’s decoration highlights, illustrated in prints, jacquards, yarn-dyeds, lace and embroidery. Key decorations for everyday and dressy fashions. Highlights for eco-friendly product.

 Spring-Summer 21 decorations kick off a light-hearted season that is both calm and expressive. Delicacy and refinement are combined with eloquent know-hows and artful double-readings to portray blooming, predominantly vegetal decorations, with backgrounds playing a real role of their own. The ecological offer is growing and strengthens the idea of responsible and fantasy-rich fashions.

Summery freshness

Summer brings its share of freshness, with decorations in softer colours.
Flowers bloom and express themselves in candid graphic styles. Rounded and printed on shivering irregular grounds, they have an almost old-fashioned look, and grow evanescent on organzas and organdis.
Delicate tone-on-tones jacquards seem infused by a summer breeze. Water-coloured, slightly blurred, genuine ikats in silkies, while flowers also play games of hide and seek.
Naive gardens and springtime landscapes drawn from sketchbooks, charming re-printed eyelet embroideries.
The foliage evokes a kindly, colourful jungle, expressed in a big way, like comics.

Expressive mark making

The lines and strokes of patterns celebrate a hand-drawn sensibility. We can see the trace of a brushstroke, the marking of a committed sketch, the passage of a watercolour ink. Graphics are fluid, easy, free and sincere. Textured flat tints, colours infusing each other, shapes with more rounded contours, vague, soft geometries, as if painted on silk.
Graphics are outlined in both printing and embroidery, with a tangible, almost artisanal contouring in corneley lace.
Stylised floral and graphic designs like paper cut-outs, skilfully conceived. Lace with full compositions, where patterns grow opaque.

Drawing with space

Decoration is imbued with a serene modesty: patterns are spaced out, allowing backgrounds – elaborated, fancy-woven, enlivened with subtle texture – to fully express themselves. Prints with airy, peaceful flowers, scattered throughout the space. A breath of summer, with purified visuals playing on fullness and emptiness. Transparencies and semi-opacities in silkies, wide-open cut-yarn jacquards. In embroidery, delicate filigree flowers accentuate the importance of something missing yet valued, set off by colourful yarns.

Precious rusticity

The influence of a rawer, yet extremely sophisticated, craftsmanship infuses the most luxurious products: substantial embroidery, with Arte Povera accents, enhances a spirit of recuperation, leavers lace with climbing flowers is refined with cottony accents, cord guipure and raffia jacquards are refined with softened handles. Subtly frayed yarns, braids and jacquards illuminated with glittering nuggets. Surfaces with marked irregularities playing deceptive games with visuals and handles.

Eloquent extravagance

Techniques and skills combine and add up, layered together for a joyous and festive extravagance: re-printed multi-coloured embroideries and sequins, random prints magnified by metallic yarns that blur readings, jacquards with multiple reflections on moving and bumpy grounds. Exaggerated relief with extra-large sequined petals; undulating, liquid and fleeting shines in silk.

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