Fabrics & Designs AW2122 / Fancies: Mineral and floral

 Decoration highlights from all sectors at Première Vision Fabrics and Designs, with key developments in patterns, prints, jacquards, yarn-dyeds, lace and embroidery, for dressy and everyday fashions.

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last]Decorations are inspired by minerals and flowers, showing all the rich know-how that goes into laces, jacquards, silkies and embroideries. The importance of handles is brought out in textured fabrics. Florals are handled with variety of visual effects – they disappear, grow blurry, make room for empty and unfinished effects. Pronounced erosions and use eat away at fabrics, strengthening the idea of uneven, irregular beauty. Decorations bring fabrics to life with texture, blurriness, expansion and damaged effects. Ecological approaches continue to gain ground in the fantasy universe thanks to products featuring a majority of organic cotton or recycled polyester.[/two_third_last]

Decorative erosions
An erosion slips into decorations, conveying the notion of not quite intact motifs, with an occasionally unfinished aspect. Cut-yarn jacquard flowers on cotton voiles are warped by plays on fur and torn-out yarns. Knit lace is decorated with unfinished floral strips and demi-blooms caught in the midst of flowering, with interrupted, sometimes hollowed-out petals. Flowers look arrested in time – a suspended moment where colors seem incomplete, almost scraped. In crepe polyesters, stems are faded, withered, while the beauty of blurred, imperfect and scribbled-looking patterns enhances the surfaces of silkies.<iframe src=”″ width=”960″ height=”540″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; fullscreen” allowfullscreen></iframe> Exhibitors: Pakipek Tekstil, Pizval, Dutel Création, Rabek Tekstil, Tessitura Carlo Valli, Dentelles André Laude, Antik Dantel.

Worn textures
Eroded and worn-out effects are inspired by mineral surfaces. Fabrics are enriched and altered by controlled wear, embellished by scattered metallization. Prints imitate surfaces patinated by coppery erosions. Embroidered and printed velvets with a blurred and deconstructed look evoke natural weathering, the rubbing together of pebbles and the striking of rocks. Precious granites and volcanic nuggets sparkle and illuminate recycled jacquards. Roiled surfaces evoke metallic mineral camouflage. Velvets and ottomans with eroded lines evoke a randomly fixed flow of lava.<iframe src=”″ width=”960″ height=”540″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; fullscreen” allowfullscreen></iframe> Exhibitors: Soieries Chambutaires, Goutarel, Tessilbiella, Leathertex, Kaynak, Maison L’Évêque Et Fils, Soieries Cheval, Ruffo Coli Tessuti.

Raised flowers
Florals feature monochromatic raised effects, lending silkies a grandiose, precious-garden aspect. In jacquards, flowers play on filled-up and empty spaces with inflated petals, domed and fleshy hearts, vibrant and expressive strokes via discreetly metallized yarns. In lace, blooms are undulating and outlined in cord, giving them a corpulent aspect. In mohair blends, this fullness is accentuated by metallic yarns and a hairy, downy effect, underling the exteriors of flowers.<iframe src=”″ width=”960″ height=”540″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; fullscreen” allowfullscreen></iframe> Exhibitors: Carlo Pozzi, Sophie Hallette, Tessitura Carlo Valli, Dentelles André Laude, Goutarel, Soieries Cheval, Piero Galli.

Blurred vegetation
Flowers continue to have a high presence this season, expressed in a multifaceted manner. Motifs play on distorting our vision, and flowers are no exception to the rule. They have blurred hues, they’re evanescent and water-colored on organzas, and drip across recycled polyester. They can be recognizable or evanescent of ghostly lines, fleeting shadows that vanish on polyester crepes and jacquards in cotton/silk or viscose blends.<iframe src=”″ width=”960″ height=”540″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; fullscreen” allowfullscreen></iframe>Exhibitors: Les Tissages Perrin, Innotex Merkel & Rau, Innotex Merkel & Rau, Ercea International, Rabek Tekstil, La Estampa, Myriam De Faÿ, Barutcu.

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