Fabrics AW2122 / Sport & Tech: Protection & softness

Highlights for the sports, outdoor, activewear, ski wear and workwear markets: innovative and high-performance knits, wovens and components.

Sport takes a turn for wellness this season, with warm, welcoming protection slipping into products. Technical comfort constantly defies the limits of lightness, and featherweight accessories and stretch for unrestricted ease – properties well rooted in everyday needs. Eco-responsibility is still going strong, underscoring its leading role in material and component choices, with a strong rise in recycled*, biopolymer* and biodegradable* products, as well as waterless* and reduced-chemical impact* processes. 

Warm protectors
Warm materials with a soft protection and light thickness, for enveloping and reassuring products attentive to the latest ecological concerns, products whose production methods use much less water and reduce chemical impacts. Wool, both 100% and blended, melts into knits and wovens and is primarily traceable*. Fleeces and puffers are cozy, with micro and macro quiltings, and generously rounded, in aged-shine and laminated tone-on-tone camouflage. Brushed-backed fabrics, with the hybrid appeal of a polar-fleece/moleskin. Double faces play on a caressing fuzziness for rain-resistant and cozy outdoor sweats. An eco-friendly softness is elaborated in recycled polyester and polyamide. Accessories are blown up and embellished with quilted lettering and plump technical padding. Tucks are robust and resistant, to close these protective outdoor pieces.

Exhibitors : Everest Textile, Polartec, LMA-Leandro Manuel Araujo, M.I.T.I, Leathertex, Sendyi Textile, Polartec, Emmetex EtichettificioTexcart, Lampa

Performant lightness
For breathable and waterproof raincoats and windbreakers, lightness and fineness are always protective and multi-performant. Featherweight, water-repellent* technical fabrics feature softly calendered and lacquered finishings. Down-proof* plain wovens are right for breathable*and resistant little jackets with ripstop weaves. Polyester, recycled* and traceable* polyamide provide the bases for light, compactable, functional products for cycling and running in all conditions and settings. Ultra-light accessories increasingly shed all superfluous weight. Wind-stop perfects jackets without weighing them down, playing on layers like a Swiss Army knife to create 2-in-1 accessories. Fashioned from recycled materials, labels are superbly fine and evanescent, and sometimes reflective* for round-the-clock visibility.

Exhibitors : Sendyi Textile, Onechang Material, Recyctex, Beco International, Batm, Heyone, Everest Textile, Seojin Textile, Balas Textile, SAB Weixing Group, Mabo Group, We Nordic Label Studios, Close to Clothes

Climatic tops
Well-being is a matter of thermo-regulating* properties adapted to outdoor sports apparel, such as skiwear and high-mountain outdoor wear. The emphasis is on natural materials, with wool, linen and hemp blends. Chic tee-shirts in traceable wool and polyester blends have pronounced twill weaves and lustrous aspects. Blurry visuals emerge on double-faced cotton/wool knits, and naturally stretch jerseys in hemp/recycled polyester blends. Welcoming and fuzzy, climatic* shirtings with well-defined stripes are crafted from biodegradable* wools. Accessories include cords with woolly aspects and fluffy tips for softly colorful finishings. Lacings in recycled material are fashioned around protrusions to give improved hold to athletic shoes.

Exhibitors : Nanshan, Produce Sinapsi, LMA-Leandro Manuel Araujo, Utenos Trikotazas, M.I.T.I, LMA-Leandro Manuel Araujo, SAB Weixing Group, SAB Weixing Group

Anti-bacterial tops
Antibacterial* fabrics are sharply on the rise, reflecting a growing need for improved protection. In wovens, fantasy is inspired by shirtings, with checked technical poplins or hazy optical jacquards. Products with bi-stretch* and fast-drying* properties facilitate getting around in the city. Knits are suppler, in a well-being vein, for fuller jersey tops, in 100% traceable* wool versions. Wool is clearly present this season, elaborated in piqué knits in hemp blends. Accessories also put the accent on sanitized properties, with translucent stoppers where color playfully emerges and disappears. Ultra-cocooning sweats create an overall feeling of softness, with thick and pliable supple and double fabrics. Recycled* polyesters, bio-sourced polymers and Tencel blends with crisp visuals and some blurred effects in washed-out jersey.<iframe src=”″ width=”960″ height=”540″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; fullscreen” allowfullscreen></iframe>Exhibitors : Everest Textile, Mileta, Produce Sinapsi, NGS Malhas, LMA-Leandro Manuel Araujo, Kanemasa Knitting, Isil Tekstil, SAB Weixing Group

Dynamic & sheathing
Stretch is welcoming, and envelops the body without compression. Two-way stretch* knits are fine and invigorating. Plain knits multiply their technical performance – bi-stretch*, fast-dry*- and ecological performance*, with materials made of bio-sourced polymers or recycled and traceable polyamides. Items feature a subtle show of fantasy, enhanced with placed details. Geometric mini-perforations are worked in viscose blends for leggings and tops suitable for indoor activities and fitness practices. Straps and ribbons are tone-on-tone, with well-defined patterns and textures. Slightly foamy aspects, to accessorize sweat bottoms or legging waistbands. Ultra-thin and semi-transparent ribbons move into the yoga universe.<iframe src=”″ width=”960″ height=”540″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; fullscreen” allowfullscreen></iframe>Exhibitors : Penn Textile Solutions, Tiba Tricot, NGS Malhas, Rocle by Isabella/RBX SAS, Liolios, Utenos Trikotazas, Penn Textile Solutions, M.I.T.I, Schoeller Textil, Berthéas, Satab Fashion, Berthéas

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