Fabrics AW2122 / Sport & Tech : Discretion & fantasy

Highlights for the sports, outdoor, activewear, ski wear and workwear markets: innovative and high-performance knits, wovens and components.

The sport universe is discreetly refined with meticulous details and plays on texture. The inspiration is predominantly natural, with an obvious casualwear influence, striking a relaxed but technical note. Visual impact is measured, and motifs are handled with restraint, veering to the random with worn effects, wrinklings and aged mineral surfaces. A deceptive simplicity, set off by a timid shine, enlivens fabric surfaces. High-performance fantasy also makes its way into fitness leggings, knit underlayers and functional parkas and jackets.

Relaxed & technical
Surfaces are enhanced with irregular textures and wrinkled aspects, effects reflecting the influence of the relaxed universe in sports. Waterproof, waxed* poplins for windbreakers with surface markings, where a fabric’s movement is imprinted on the material. A visually worn and patinated approach to outdoor pieces, with shivering high-performance plain wovens. For high-resistance*, eco-responsible parkas, twills and ottomans feature both recycled* and traceable* polyamide and polyester yarns, and environmentally friendly finishes. Labels have the crumpled look of wet paper.

Exhibitors: Seojin Textile, Recyctex, Leathertex, Frizza, Seojin Textile, Newman Global, Recyctex, Monotex-Shinheung, Varcotex

Eroded & functional
Sport leans to a cottony inspiration. Motifs are drawn from the mineral world and conveyed by enhanced surfaces, random prints, the look of distressed bark with an intermittent shine. Fantasy dyed and printed fabrics evoke slices of minerals and circular striated effects, like the inside of a tree stump. Technical knits and wovens for fast-dry* hoodies and tee-shirts, water-repellant* parkas and windbreakers. Fabrics with an environmental resonance, with traceable* wools and recycled* polyesters and polyamides. In accessories, relief has a weathered aspect, both in ties and ribbons and in footwear components. There’s a look of used, oxidized rocks and minerals. On labels, imperfections are worked in a wind-battered limestone vein.

Exhibitors: Seojin Textile, Long Advance Int’l, Seojin Textile, Utenos Trikotazas, Eddy Ricami Project, Berthéas, Pasmatex, Cadicagroup

Discreet shine
Subtle shines sparkle and reflect iridescent vibrations, usually illuminating dark color schemes. A clean and smooth luminescence on reflective coated jerseys, knits with the look of a starry sky. Luminosity is equally sparse in wovens and knits, and discreet designs are revealed by shiny lines. Jacquards feature worn, irregular shines with a now-you-see-it/now-you-don’t effect. Technical fabrics take on digital and pixelated looks, a digitized shine for high-performance jackets and parkas. On the accessories front, metallic sparkles wake up straps and ribbons, as do wavy and transparent lines with a gelatinous appearance.

Exhibitors: JCR Reflex, Onechang Material, Newman Global, Long Advance Int’l, Rocle by Isabella/RBX SAS, NGS Malhas, Everest Textile, Frizza, Sendyi Textile, Julien Faure, Pasmatex

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