Etiquetas Granero – an ecological A20W21 collection

A company that adapts

Etiquetas granero was founded in 1987 by Sebastian Granero in Valencia, Spain. The company supplies labels and accessories to the apparel universe, offering the best solutions to give each client’s products “the finishing touch”.

Their products are made in their factory in Valencia, and personally supervised to guarantee the highest quality and service. Etiquetas Granero, which began by producing labels for Spanish brands and their clients, is now spread across Portugal, France and Switzerland. Their offer includes waist-labels, hang-tags and patches. The company’s products – including leather and synthetic zipper pullers and silicone badges, are made in a various materials including paper, cotton, organic and recycled materials.

The company offers a bespoke service to clients, meeting their garment requirements with a wide selection of designs and techniques.

Its dedicated team works efficiently to constantly provide the best quality. As the garment industry moves towards being more sustainable, Etiquetas Granero is too. The company uses new natural, organic and recycled materials and is committed to continuing with these solutions.

Its products already meet REACH, FSC and PEFC specifications, and every single demand from clients regarding chemical restrictions. 


A new collection? Yes, and ecological too

Discover the company’s ever high-quality new collection in an endless array of finishes, colours and designs. These now include the latest products, the ones all eco-people want…. ecological, and environmentally friendly items in organic cotton, recycled cotton and polyester, recycled leather, recycled and certificated papers and more.

The company also offers a wide range of natural solutions including Jackrom, fabrics, microfibres, leather and silicone, laser and embossing that you can discover at the Denim PV show.

Their new season’s collection conveys an “eco way of life”, with articles based on fleece, velvets, jacquards, nubuck, PU and more

Bright and metallic colours, fantasy and natural finishes will also be included among the wide choice offered by the brand. A collection to discover the best production techniques such as digital printing, laser printing, cutting and decorations, embossed and debossed, hand scraping, sublimations, and everything you can imagine to enhance your garment.


Granero label 4 Granero label 5 Granero label 7

Granero label 1 Granero label 2 Granero label 3

If you’d like more information about Etiquetas Granero products, join us this 28th and 29th May in Milan.

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