Dyeing experiences, a workshop series with Alessandro Maria Butta

Next 28 and 29 May, join us for a workshop with Dr. Alessandro Maria Butta to learn the techniques behind perfect dyeing!

Dr. Alessandro Maria Butta of Colori La Campana is one of the leading European experts in the field of natural dyes, from the cultivation of plants through their use in various applications. From his privileged observatory in Italy’s Marche region, he conducts daily experiments on new and modern approaches to create a sustainable path for the fashion industry. His collaborations include some with the most famous fashion brands.

We will be holding 3 workshops during the 2 days of the show :

– 2 workshops on the first day and 1 workshop on the second day.

Dr. Butta will be available throughout the day for testing and trials.



Workshop 1 – Thursday 28 May, 12.30am

Dyeing plants in Italy and eco-sustainable dyeing techniques

At this first Workshop you’ll discover a range of the most common plants available today to create more eco-responsible dyes. An approach to the entire process: from harvesting to use in the fashion industry.

(Theory and practice)

Workshop 2 – Wednesday 29 May, 10.30am

Silk – The journey from silkworm to colour

At this second Workshop, discover a brief history of silk in the EU and natural dyeing techniques for one of the world’s most enchanting materials.

(Theory and practice)

Workshop 3 – Wednesday 29 May, 2.00pm

Isatis Tinctoria

This last workshop will explore the use of GUADO from prehistory up to contemporary fashion denim items, and how to dye with the ancient and shiny blue coming from a green leaf.

(Theory and practice)


Joins us on May 28th and 29th in Milan for the Denim Premère Vision show.

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