Dobbies and cashmeres: a winter with city and country accents

The Scottish countryside and an urban aesthetic are all part of the luxury fabrics at Scottish weaver Alex Begg, a renowned specialist in fine-quality accessories and luxury suitings.



The Alex Begg pre-collection for winter 1920 juxtaposes the countless textures found in the Scottish countryside with a grittier, urban mood.

These two atmospheres inspire the luxury weaver in both its main activity sectors: the fabrication of shawls and scarves and the weaving of luxury fabrics such as jacquards and dobbies with high-quality finishings, in cashmere, cashmere/silk blends and fine merino.

The pre-collection being unveiled at Blossom Première Vision is enriched with a new type of fancy yarn. Contemporary, twisted-yarn blends are introduced into the classic cashmere suiting ranges. Suitings and outerwear are livened up by new colourways, juxtaposed with oversized dobbies worked in luxurious blends.



In business since 1860, the Alex Begg company, located in the south west of Scotland, develops and fosters traditional Scottish artisanal weaving, enhanced by the most advanced processing and finishing technologies. The company makes it a point of honour to guarantee a strictly monitored supply, both in terms of the quality of the selected fibres, and the social and environmental standards applied throughout the supply chain, from the breeding conditions of animals on through the processing stage.


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