Discover our highlight product: “Refined Ruggeds”

Next AW 2019-20, new creative proposals are set to redefine the relationship between elegant and casual fashions. Thanks to fabric mixes and finishings with novel visual and tactile effects, the message is robust yet refined, classic yet resolutely modern.



A range of ribbons at Italy’s Toschi Passamanerie combines the soft touch of chenille with the rigid look of viscose raffia yarns.  Perfect as a trim for both clothing and bags or accessories, these tone-on-tone or contrasting ribbons simultaneously combine a modern, technical look with a soft, dense and refined handle.

At Laurent Garigue Fabrics from the U.K., felted finishes and a palette of acid and jazzed-up colours lend an ever-so-British madcap touch to super classic pure-wool Chanel-type tweeds, for an exquisitely timeless rough yet refined style.

The search for a strong visual effect is also underlined at Italian tanner Pellican, whose New Zealand lambskins are treated to bring out the skins’ natural textures, for strikingly graphic leathers in natural hues or varnished tones (carmine red, blue peacock).

An Upper Jeanswear specialist, Japanese weaver Showa conveys this quest for refined robustness in a new line of tone-on-tone indigo fabrics that are perforated and then washed to lend jeans-type fabrics an unexpected visual and tactile texture. As robust as denim, as elegant as a classic cut-yarn textile.

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