Discover “Mutations”, the Smart Creation exhibition

To be discovered in February 20 on the Smart Creation Area (space dedicated to eco-responsibility in fashion tech, hall 3): a unique exhibition Mutations dedicated to the theme of biomimicry. In this immersive experience, visitors will be able to discover and handle artworks in which life and technology are harmoniously intermingled.

An exhibition that explores the link between technology and nature

The Mutations exhibition explores our ability to transform reality in order to create a new and hybrid relationship with our surroundings. Thanks to the use of new technologies, textiles become a field of exploration and poetry.

The show presents two artist duos, Scenocosme and María Castellanos & Alberto Valverde. Both are distinguished by their abilities to dare, to dream and to anticipate new and innovative approaches in which technology and the living are harmoniously intertwined. They each in their own way offer a rich source of inventive creativity for our future endeavours and practices.

In parallel to this exhibition, we are also renewing our previous collaboration with MateriO’ *, a novel platform in Paris specialised in monitoring and referencing innovative and/or unique materials. Together, we have selected some 30 materials that are at present rarely or not used in fashion, and which have an exciting potential to spark ideas and enthusiasm.

Première Vision X Le Coup d’Avance
Curator: Anne Sophie Bérard
Scenography: Marion Thelma
Set construction: Solid
Executive Production: Le Coup d’Avance


3 installations to discover:

  • Membranes

Sound and interactive sculpture with leather 
Scenocosme: Grégory Lasserre & Anaïs met den Ancxt :


Coproduction:  Labanque – Centre d’art visuel Béthune
The Membranes project was selected by the sponsorship commission of the Fondation Nationale des Arts Graphiques et Plastiques, which provided its support.
The work was also supported by the Musée de Millau et des Grands Causses, which provided the skins.

Two lamb skins are stretched to form an experimental and interactive instrument retaining the shapes of the animals, which can be played alone or together with several people. The leathers react to electrostatic contact by producing scalable sounds, depending on the quality and depth of the contact. Each skin is composed of different interactive areas and a sensitive and distinct polyphonic score. The skins are also intermediaries, creating sensory encounters: human skin and animal skin mirror each other; they grow closer and move away in a play on musical proximity. 


  • Metamorphy

A visual and sonorous interactive artwork.
Scenocosme: Grégory Lasserre & Anaïs met den Ancxt :

Spectators are invited to touch and explore the depth of a semi-transparent veil. The exploration of this symbolic skin reveals various visual, sonorous and meditative universes via organic, liquid or incandescent substances.

In this sensory artwork, the true reflections in the mirror and the virtual images merge, creating the illusion of a distorted reality. Like a musical score, the different sound effects trace the various areas of interaction.

Supported by: Création Artistique Numérique de la Région Rhône-Alpes [SCAN], Ville de St Etienne


  • The Plants Sense

Art installation
Maria Castellanos and Alberto Valverde,

The Plants Sense is an artwork incorporating a portable device linked to a garden that makes it possible to connect to plants in order to physically perceive them, and thus create a closer, more sensory relationship with them. After developing a sensor to visualize and measure the biochemical reactions of plants to the presence of humans and their own surrounding environment, these artist-researchers are here taking another a step forward: the imagining of a second skin, able to bodily communicate and convey what plants are feeling.

With the support of the VERTIGO project in the framework of the European Commission’s STARTS programme, Flora Robotica and LABoral.


What is matériO’? 
A selection of thousands of specific and/or innovative materials and technologies + An international online database + Several showrooms in the world + Any kind of materials (wood, plastic, metal, glass, textile, lighting devices…), any field, to be freely inspired by materials + A complete independency, matériO’ is ONLY financed by its users.

matériO’ is above all a team of search heads who put all their senses on alert everyday to track down technologies and singular materials all over the world, shaking up manufacturers to get samples or additional information, working without respite  to facilitate new uses for these thousands of singular materials! 

This is the same team that feeds the database every day, writing with love and precision material IDcards that can be understood by everyone in order to provide creators with a work tool that allows them to be as autonomous as possible in their research. And it’s still this team that independently holds and organizes the material library, to provide creative professionals with the richest, most inspiring, open and intuitive material library possible!

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