Discover our highlight product: “Wilful Wrinkling”

An almost imperceptible shiver runs through next season’s fabrics and leathers. Shifting and relaxed, these proudly wrinkled products delight the always on-the-go man of today.



The wool, cotton and metallic yarn blends presented by Italy’s Infinity capture this trend to perfection, making crinkled effects a style directive on their own. The light and casual men’s jackets and coats that can be made with this 350-gram stretch fabric are a must-have ingredient for the wardrobe of the modern nomad.

At the Japanese tanner Kyoto Leather, the precious finishing techniques of kimono obis and washi paper are borrowed to make casual-chic fashions. The result? Wagyu cowhide enlivened with graphic ripples, almost like crumpled paper, enhanced by colourful varnishes with aluminium-silver reflections.

Crumpled paper also inspired the new offer at South Korea’s Taipyung Textile, which proposes water-repellent, 100% nylon (269 grams) fabrics with moving surfaces, perfect for deconstructed jackets with a sporty flair.

And for the Italian silk specialist Attilio Imperiali, wrinkling is key to giving a modern look to ultra- classic silks. The Healthy Yarn Dyed (100% silk) collection recently debuting at Première Vision Paris exploits all wash possibilities, to give silk a rougher hand and a modern and sporty crepe look, without giving up any of silk’s glamour and prestige.

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