Discover our highlight product: “Muffled Shine”

A fine, felted shine lights up the fabrics and leathers at In.tes.Pra, Texever, Russo di Casandrino and Tiarè, reflecting an urge for exuberant but controlled brilliance.



At In.tes.Pra, Shetland wool (75%) / polyamide (23%) fabrics have shot reflections thanks to acrylic inductions, which are afterwards treated to subdue their metallic lustre and soften the woollen handle.

Washing is an essential step to obtain the muffled dazzle at Texever, which elaborates nylon (60%) / cotton (40%) blend fabrics with polyurethane inductions that are forcefully washed to reduce shine and give a more natural look to metallic gold, silver and brass hues.

The quest for shine with a marked but discreet character is also found at tanners, for example at Russo di Casandrino, with an offer of calfskins whose natural metallic effects highlight each skin’s natural grain. This effect is quite marked in the Grand Prix Metal version, and interpreted in a finer way in the Venezia Metal version.

New proposals at Tiarè are another fine example of this trend’s developments. The Italian company’s range of viscose (81%) / virgin wool (19%) fabrics have punctiform inductions to lend a discreet shine, and also help bring out the slubbed look of the material. Applied on other bases, such as satin or chiffon, this selective induction technique updates the most classic fabrics with a restrained shine, like a desire for light left hanging in suspense, a fine stardust.

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