Discover our highlight product: “Agile Lines”

A continuous, Surrealist-inspired line, an untamed scribble, an embroidered silhouette with a surprising texture, a wavy form drawn with the left hand… Arno Dufour, Wig Korea, Buntastic Design Studio and Ruffo Coli Tessuti walk Première Vision Paris through some of the creative possibilities inherent in a line.



Aerial birds fly across a petrol-blue sky at Arno Dufour. Drawn without ever lifting the hand, these agile silhouettes recall Jean Cocteau’s fleeting sketches, rendered for a digital age. A graphic designer who changed to designing textiles out of love, the French designer’s training comes through in his pronounced taste for minimalist lines and stylized motifs, whether floral, typographical or abstract.

Feel it to believe it: the line becomes a textile material with a surprisingly vegetal texture at Wig Korea, thanks to the new line of Lawn Embroideries that debuted in September at Première Vision Paris. The innovative technique – embroidered applications of polyester yarn – developed by this South Korean accessories manufacturer ensures an unprecedented look and feel, ranging from “grass” to “mane” depending on the desired shear (from 1 to 6 mm) and volume.

The graphic freedom in scribbles also appeals to historic Italian weavers. Active in the high-end textile market since 1954, Ruffo Coli Tessuti develops fabrics whose graphic potential is implicit in the woven structure. In one example, a yarn-dyed silk/polyester jacquard with an aquatic, gummy consistency has synthetic yarns skilfully woven into the weft, then finished with steam, to create a veiny aspect resembling randomly hand-drawn lines.

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