Designs selection for spring-summer 21

The Designs area presents a selection of patterns from the collections of Première Vision Designs exhibitors, presented each season through a dedicated theme. Discover the full information for prints and decoration illustrated in the Designs document.

Spring summer 2021 is a season in motion, committed to responsible, renewable, rich and appealing fashions. A season that proposes a change in perspectives, offering new outlooks and a 360° vision.

 This season, patterns are expressed through a variety of media, from painting to drawing and photography. Graphic expressions convey the season’s powerful cravings: to appropriate motion, to highlight the artistic gestures and movements behind an execution, to explore new graphic and geometric forms, a desire to purify surfaces and get to the essence.

Nourishing nature

Nature blooms in lively and harmonious colours, in slices of summer that encourage you to play with overlays and transparency. Richly colourful arrangements like a fresh, summery fruit salad, or appealing compositions of nature worked in X-rays style. Solarised colours playing with light and bewitching shades.

Invasive flowers

Surfaces are filled up, and backgrounds disappear, giving way to a flowering that populates the space. Flowers are jostling, overlapping and spread out their colourful, shimmering petals. 

Simplified geometries

Graphics are simplified, geometries grow softer, corners are rounded and wavy lines cut the backgrounds up into colourful flat tints. Narrativeand appetizing natures or abstract forms create generous, full compositions, interlocked like skilful modular units, with full, covering colours.

Ethnic collage

Collages portray a spontaneity that mixes ethnic and narrative styles. An expressivity communicated in experiments around quirky, offbeat portraits in cut-out paper.

Pictorial strokes

An expressive motion that plays with assemblies, strokes somewhere between paint, pastel and pencil, and anchors the style of the chosen medium. Shapes imprinted with geometry and expressive lines to lend character to the design. 

Shaping absent space

Purified visuals that free themselves of any surplus, to pare down to the essential. The idea of positive reduction emerges in designs, to make use of blank space and give a new freedom to backgrounds. Pared-down lines and meticulously elaborated empty space create visuals evoking the disappearance of a motif, a line, a memory.


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