Denim PV joins forces with prestigious institutions IED, Istituto Europeo di Design and NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti for an exclusive collection

Mark your calendars! For the first time, Denim PV will unveil an in-house collection of cutting-edge denim garments based on the key trends of AW 25-26. Coined “Project Tomorrow”, the initative was launched last autumn, will involve a group of students from two renowned Milan-based design institutions: IED, Istituto Europeo di Design and NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti. Here is a glimpse at the future of denim with the details of this exclusive collaboration.

A collaborative effort to nurture emerging talent and push the boundaries of denim design

On 5 & 6 June 2024, visitors to Superstudio Più will have a unique opportunity to explore the denim AW 25-26 trends through a specially curated collection of garments displayed on the Trend Forum. This is the result of a collaborative effort between the Première Vision team, their partners, and students from two prestigious Milanese institutions: NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti and IED, Istituto Europeo di Design.

The selected students from NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti are: Simone Bucci, Anna Buccino, Kubra Colak, María Fernanda Escotto and Anna Chiara Rabito. From IED, Istituto Europeo di Design, they are Chiara Cantù and Giorgia Costa (2nd year of the Fashion Design course), and Lorenzo Caola, Francesco Gregorace, Alessia Qurku, Niccolò Mattavelli, Leonardo Rosa and Alessia Ferrucci (3rd year of the Fashion Design course).

Under the guidance of industry expert Alessio Berto, a select group of 13 students embarked on a journey to bring the Denim AW 25-26 trends to life. From conceptualisation to execution, these budding designers worked tirelessly to translate creativity into reality, overcoming challenges and embracing the demands of the professional world. The students participated in all stages of the project, from design conception to garment development, gaining valuable experience in the industry.

Project Tomorrow offers students a unique opportunity to discover and delve into the complexities of textile and fashion manufacturing business dynamics. Denim Première Vision demonstrates and confirms its commitment to opening up to the languages and perspectives of young creatives, revealing insights into the evolving dynamics of the international denim industry.

Luca Belotti, Course Leader of the Master of Arts of Fashion Design Area
– NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti
Project Tomorrow students x PV
Patronage Project Tomorrow
Sewing Project Tomorrow

Working on a creative and complex project such as Denim PV was a crucial, unique moment of growth and training for the 8 designers enrolled in the second and third year of the Fashion Design course at IED Milan Fashion School. Choosing a moodboard developed by the trend researchers of Première Vision, starting a design with the making of a paper pattern and selecting the right fabric—these are real steps that, for a short period of time, were part of the daily life of each student, with the unique goal of completing a job according to the rules of a real client.”

Olivia Spinelli, Head of Fashion School and Art Director
– IED, Istituto Europeo di Design Milano

From inspiration to reality

The development of the collection unfolded through a meticulous process, beginning with student selection and a comprehensive briefing on the Denim AW 25-26 season by the Denim PV fashion team. Through collaborative efforts with Denim PV exhibitors, students gained invaluable insights into the latest technologies and material developments shaping the industry.

Pattern development was a critical phase, with students designing 10 outfits, comprising 20 garments, adhering to market and production constraints and ensuring the collection’s wearability and manufacturability. Thanks to the support of Alessio Berto, patterns were meticulously crafted to ensure seamless manufacturing by industry partners.

Alessio Berto helping students
Button choice by students from IED and NABA

Another highlight is the fabric selection. The Denim PV team, in tandem with students, curated fabrics from 20 different weavers to bring their designs to fruition. The collaboration extended to manufacturing with garments expertly crafted by M&J Group in Bangladesh and Fashion Art SpA in Italy.

As the finishing touches were applied, select garments underwent refinement by Les Teintures de France, a renowned French dyeing and printing workshop. BAP Group, an Italian button specialist, added its signature flair to the collection. Custom-made labels, courtesy of EMMETEX, were incorporated, adding a personalized touch to each garment.

Meet some of the Denim PV exhibitors taking part in the project

Berto / ORTA / Sharabati Denim / Rajby Textiles / Kuroki /
Titanus / Outside Denim Lab / Advance Denim / Japan Blue / Evlox


What do you expect from this new edition of Denim PV in Milan?

As in the previous edition of the Denim by Premiere Vision fair, we expect many customers to come and visit our stand. It was a pleasure for us to see so many customers eager to discover our collection and we hope that this will be the case again in June. We decided to participate because, as an Italian company that produces in Italy, we are proud to show our collection of premium denim fabrics in Milan, the Italian capital of fashion. 

Tell us about your collection, its special features and new developments.

In our next collection of high-quality denim fabrics, we will present our philosophy of denim. Berto is a historical company, established in 1887, and therefore with this collection we want to show how we make fabrics with an authentic look, but with modern quality and innovation.

Thanks to our historical experience, we want to offer clients unique products and exclusive purchasing experiences, a real customised journey into the indigo world. It results in a collection of products that mix history with the surprising, unexpected irreverence of the indigo. 

Anything else you’d like to add? 

From the point of view of sustainability, we strongly believe in using recycled cotton, because being circular is one of the company’s goals. Therefore, we offer new recycled products within the collection, also featuring ecru ring recycled cotton yarns that have quality and smoothness comparable to those made from standard cotton.

Berto on the PV Marketplace

Sharabati Denim

What do you expect from this new edition of Denim PV in Milan?

We have a very important market share on the Italian market, and Denim PV is a very good opportunity to meet with our clients and present our new collection. 

Tell us about your collection, its special features and new developments.

We have 3 concepts in this season.
VERSO has the fabrics which offer maximum comfort with style. Stunning colors, luxury finishing, practical looks and more. 
COOLR is all about colors, exclusive high-tech prints, coatings and metallic sheens which takes us into the digital age.
GOOD OLE looks back while offering a new point of view. Familiar favorites shine again with new colors, enhanced textures and captivating prints. 

Anything else you’d like to add? 

We also promote new cottonised hemp fabrics created from yarn that is a blend of certified ecologically-grown Canalia hemp and cotton.

Sharabati Denim on the PV Marketplace


What do you expect from this new edition of Denim PV in Milan?

We hope that many Italian and foreign customers will come and increase our sales. We hope that Kuroki’s denim will be seen by more customers.

Tell us about your collection, its special features and new developments.

New organic and recycled denim products are being prepared.

Anything else you’d like to add? 

We completed the GOTS certification and expanded our range of 100 % natural indigo, 100 % organic cotton denim and 100 % recycled cotton denim to strengthen sustainable denim production.

Kuroki on the PV Marketplace

Outside Denim Lab

What do you expect from this new edition of Denim PV in Milan?

For me, participating in PV denim is essential, not only for visibility and to meet all my Italian and foreign customers, but also because for it has become an important opportunity for growth, comparison and updating.

Tell us about your collection, its special features and new developments.

As always, my collection is characterised by jacquard Italian denim (which is all designed and produced internally): colored denim, denim with shiny textures, double denim with wool… all revisited in a luxury and unusual way. 

Outside Denim Lab on the PV Marketplace

Japan Blue

What do you expect from this new edition of Denim PV in Milan?

We are convinced that Denim PV is the best denim show in the world. It is an opportunity for us to showcase the quality of Japanese denim to the rest of the world and to meet denim freaks as well as customers loving our collections.

Tell us about your collection, its special features and new developments.

What is most interesting about our collection is that each one of our products has a story. We try to broaden our knowledge of denim and vintage jeanswear every day, to create new products influenced by traditional craftsmanship

That’s particularly true for our selvedge denim collection, which we are particularly proud of. We hope everyone at Denim PV enjoys our vision of denim and the quality of our fabrics.

Japan Blue on the PV Marketplace


What do you expect from this new edition of Denim PV in Milan?

The Italian market is really important for ORTA. We had given a short break to PV after Covid but had a great show in November 2023. And we hope to see the same excitement in this June edition. Looking forward to be there with denim enthusiasts in Italy again. 

Tell us about your collection, its special features and new developments.

Our new collection “Memory Lane” is focusing on three key decades – the 50s, 70s and 80s, when denim was synonymous with self-expression and personality.

In the 50s, denim ruled the rodeos and dark Westerns, in the 70s, it was part of the peace, love & rock-n-roll era, and in the 80s, it was strongly influenced by Ivy League schools. We also have black denim in this collection, to celebrate the mystique, a sense of ‘other’ about it, a sense of cool for black.

ORTA on the PV Marketplace

Rajby Textiles

What do you expect from this new edition of Denim PV in Milan?

Our goal is to effectively convey our message to a broad audience and showcase our brand’s unique offering. We aim for a high footfall at our booth during this new edition of Denim PV in Milan.

Tell us about your collection, its special features and new developments.

We have launched two collections that align with current trends and our sustainability goals: Future Perfect and California Dreams.
Future Perfect embodies our commitment to sustainability, featuring fabrics designed for recyclability and biodegradability. We envision a future where fashion seamlessly integrates with environmental responsibility.
California Dreams has a nostalgic vibe. It is a time travel capsule reviving the timeless eras of the 80s and 90s with effortless vintage charm. Experience the allure of iconic character made modern, offering the easiest access to vintage appeal.

Nous sommes également ravis de présenter de nouvelles spécificités dans notre collection. L’accent est mis sur la durabilité, en utilisant des fibres innovantes, telles que Naia, Ecovero, Refibra, RecoverTex, et plus encore.

Additionally, we’re incorporating bio-based nature coatings made from waste materials, further enhancing our commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Anything else you’d like to add? 

Our commitment to innovation drives us to develop unique solutions for environmental challenges. This season, we’re excited to work with Tex2Tex™, a groundbreaking technology that revolutionises polyester recycling. Tex2Tex™ goes beyond traditional methods, offering virtually limitless circularity, cost competitiveness, scalability, and minimal environmental impact.

Rajby Textiles on the PV Marketplace


What do you expect from this new edition of Denim PV in Milan?

We want to introduce our new capsule that is also suitable for the denim world. We also want to make ourselves known to customers and streetwear brands.

Tell us about your collection, its special features and new developments.

We are presenting some wool fabrics which can be treated or washed and obtain the same result as denim. We think this will be interesting for customers.

Anything else you’d like to add? 

We are trying to expand our business in Italy, Germany, France, UK, Japan and the USA.

Titanus on the PV Marketplace

Advance Denim

What do you expect from this new edition of Denim PV in Milan?

Advance Denim always looks forward to showcasing our new premium sustainable denim innovations at Denim PV in Milan, because we can interact with designers from luxury brands as well as true denim brands in search of new ideas, looks and trends.

Meeting, discussing and hearing the feedback of the fashionistas at the denim show in a city with a long and rich fashion tradition and eye for beauty, further feeds our motivation and inspiration to tweak our eternal strive for true to blue innovations. 

Tell us about your collection, its special features and new developments.

Advance Denim is excited to announce a collaboration with LYCRA® and Crystal Apparel Group, to launch a cutting-edge technology that has been in the making for over four years. The LYCRA® FitSense™ Technology creates denim that enables designers to add targeted stretch zones with each style. With the ability to customise stretch zones within each style, you can achieve new levels of performance, comfort and control. The FitSense™ targeted shaping technology enables endless creative possibilities for zonal stretch within a garment that can focus on tummy flattening, butt lifting, thigh slimming or leg smoothing. This patented technology creates these targeted stretch zones without sacrificing the authentic look and feel of vintage denim. 

Anything else you’d like to add? 

After our New York office, we recently opened a showroom in Los Angeles, the US capital of premium denim. In Europe, we also have a showroom in the city centre of Amsterdam. In Asia, we have showrooms in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shunde and at our Vietnam denim mill in Nha Trang. Advance Denim wants to keep a finger on the pulse of denim at all time and give customers the best and fastest service.

Advance Denim on the PV Marketplace


What do you expect from this new edition of Denim PV in Milan?

We have been participating in Denim PV since its inception. In the last edition, we had good results, and we hope that this edition will be even better. The Italian market holds great significance for us, which is why we invest considerable effort in this show.

It is of great importance for us to collaborate with the show, and with this project in particular, as it enables us to showcase our latest developments through creativity and the clean vision of students from various institutions, guided by Alessio and based on the latest trends.

The forum also serves as a valuable platform, providing visibility and presenting an unparalleled opportunity for clients and visitors to witness the remarkable versatility of our fabrics and to become acquainted with the denim trends for the new season.

Tell us about your collection, its special features and new developments.

In this AW25-26 season, we highlight two campaigns.

Evlox architecturally-inspired fabrics blend creativity and construction, evoking nostalgia through appearances such as thick vertical slubs, crosshatch weaves, and linear patterns.

SMOOTHIC® Technology by Evlox
Fabrics engineered for unparalleled softness, achieved through our innovative Smoothic Technology®. This state-of-the-art process elevates the fabric’s softness, representing our smooth and chic range

Anything else you’d like to add? 

All the items we collaborate with in the forum are from our Regen By Evlox campaign, featuring sustainable denim fabrics made with regenerative cotton and certified Regenagri.

Evlox on the PV Marketplace

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