Directional Favourites at Denim Première Vision: Fashion, innovation and eco-responsibility for S/S21


The Denim Première Vision show is set to open its doors from the 3rd to the 4th of December in London. At the event, the Denim Première Vision teams will introduce Habitat 21 – a unique new project, based on the Smart Creation PV program, emphasising the special link between fashion, innovation and eco-responsibility.


This season, the continually innovative Première Vision Marketplace invites you to discover a preview of the spring-summer 2021 fashion trends via a selection of online products.


The SS21 season will undoubtedly mark a continuation of the weavers’ ground-breaking shift towards eco-responsibility, which was demonstrated the Denim Première Vision show last May. To better meet the market’s ever-increasing demands for eco-responsibility, weavers are constantly pushing innovation to the next level. Their latest developments herald new approaches, from the choice of materials, to processes and respectful finishings.


New natural-fibre developments are playing an increasingly important role, allowing weavers to explore new, often surprising means of expression. This season, the selection of natural and environmentally friendly fibres showcase a blend of transparency and boldness, calling up strong sensations and emotions.



Unapologetically supple



A first creative direction focuses on generous suppleness. New developments around natural materials give denim a particularly soft and malleable handle.


Sensual handles rendered possible thanks to cotton and lyocell blends or 100% lyocell compositions are soft and delicate, inviting you to touch them.


One particular 100% lyocell fabric from Bossa has an almost liquid and runny handle that is extremely supple.



Fabrics | Denim | Bossa, Turkey | Réf : TENSHI BLUES – CO TENSHI BLUES| 100%CLY | See more




The cotton-lyocell-modal blend from Sharabati and Odak Denim have a suppleness and softness, with an almost silicone effect.



Fabrics | Denim | Sharabati Denim, Turkey | Réf : MELLOW OCEAN – CO MELLOW OCEAN | 50%CO 40%TENCEL 10%MODAL | See more



Fabrics | Denim | Odak Denim, Turkey | Réf : 18944 – CO DELHI | 40%CO 30%ORG CO 30%CLY | See more


Iskur mills plays on softness and destroyed details thanks to its blend cotton-lyocell.





Fabrics | Denim | Iskur Denim, Turkey | Réf : 61125_RY5 PAN – CO 61125_RY5 PAN| 65,6% Cotton 34,4%Tencel | See more




This softness can be found both in handles and in the palette of tender colours. The blues are barely infused and visually reinforce this soft feel.


The light blue from Advance in 100% lyocell with its very light weight, the blend cotton-lyocell-recycled lyocell with destroyed details from Calik and the cotton-lyocell blend from Kipas each good illustrations of this direction.




Fabrics | Denim | Calik Denim, Turkey | Réf : 72017D – CO LOPEZ NESTA BLUE RB| 60%CO 20%CLY 20%CLYRB | See more



Fabrics | Denim | Advance Denim, China| Réf : QA030N4-20 – CO QA030N4-20| lyocell:100% | See more




Fabrics | Denim | Kipas denim, Turkey| Réf : 26730 – CO ARIA BLUE HAZE| 90%CLY 10%BCI | See more




Rustic and artisanal renderings



Depending on the choice of natural fibres, the result can also be more traditional, with a dry, full handle.


Blends of cotton and more rustic fibres such as linen, hemp and ramie generate yarn irregularities, conferring a rustic but precise finish, as is this case with this cotton-linen-lyocell blend from Tusa, or the cotton-linen blend from Velcorex.




Fabrics | Denim | Tusa, Turkey| Réf : 5100 – CO 5100| 10% Cotton 54%Tencel 36%Linen | See more




Fabrics | Denim | Velcorex, France| Réf : DJEBEL – CO DJEBEL| 51% Lin 47% Coton 2% Elasthanne | See more




These developments can also be found on dark indigo blue ranges, such as the 100% linen line from Envoy and the organic cotton-recycled cotton and hemp blend from Bossa.




Fabrics | Denim | Envoy Textiles, Bangladesh | Réf : T1681 – CO Rigid | 100%LI | See more




Fabrics | Denim | Bossa Denim, Turkey | Réf : ORG.HENNEF SAVETRUE – CO ORG.HENNEF SAVETRUE | 70%ORGCO20%RCYCO9%HA1%EA | See more



At Naveena, a blend of cotton and soy protein combines a soft sensation of materiality with particularly interesting technical properties such as anti-UV and anti-bacterial. The use of this biopolymer points to the range of technical and responsible innovations in the denim sector.




Fabrics | Denim | Naveena Denim Mills, Pakistan | Réf : 707B-MSFHS-i68 – CO RENEWED| 56%CO 20%HEMP 22%RPES 2%EL | See more




The link between fashion, eco-responsibility and technology is one of the highlights of the S/S21 season. Discover the season’s other highlights in the innovative Habitat 21 project at the Première Vision Denim show on 3rd and 4th December in London.


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