Deepmello, responsible tanning


Deepmello’s challenge: to propose a responsible alternative to chemical leather tanning, one that would ban the use of chromium in favour of natural and biodegradable products. The result? Rhabarberleder, a leather tanned with rhubarb extract that meets both the fashion industry’s quality standard as well as the new responsibility criteria called for by its clients.

Why rhubarb? Because the roots of the rhubard plant have natural tannins that adapt particularly well to leather treatments, as long as they’re extracted under the right conditions. Deepmello first isolated the best rhubarb species, then put in place an industrial tannin-extracting process that makes it possible to produce large quantities without harming crop longevity.

The result are four exceptionally high-quality leather collections (Nappa, Nappa-used, Hard-leather and Lining leather), available in all thicknesses and with varied finishes, with each collection comprising vegetable-tanned skins in a wide range of colours. Their look, texture and smell can rival the best traditional leathers, and are all 100% made in Germany.

Deepmello is a member of the International Association of Natural Textiles Industry, one of the most stringent production standards in the world, and has registered Rhabarberleder leather production. It meets the ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 500001: 2011 standards.


Come discover the rhubarb leather at the Smart Square, Hall 3!

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