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Behind the scenes of the collaboration between a design studio and a fashion brand

On one side, Monoprix, a department store bringing together under one roof all the necessities of everyday life – from day-to-day shopping to home decor and life’s little pleasures. And on the other, Adélaïde d’Andigné, a textile designer who has been showing at Première Vision Designs for the past nine years. She has skilfully combined a solid technical background with a taste for art history, literature and the world of childhood to forge a poetic universe woven through with stories as delicate as they are sophisticated, featuring floral motifs with a classic allure, tiny touching animals, and very modern stylized figurines.

Their meeting has given rise to a virtuous collaboration that transcends time, an exchange marked by trust and mutual respect benefitting both parties. Here, a dual portrait of a win-win exchange of know-hows.


Rusés 1 Répété

Rusés 1 Répété – Adélaïde d’Andigné

Paname 1 Répété

Paname 1 Répété – Adélaïde d’Andigné

Adélaïde d’Andigné, head of a design studio that has been exhibiting its motifs at Première Vision Designs for nine years and Nathalie Cottin, the Monoprix artistic director in charge of image and style for the textile and home universes, have been working together for almost ten years, and yet their work together always comes straight from the heart. Twice a year, the collection of motifs that Adélaïde d’Andigné develops over the course of her readings and experiences relate the eleven transversal stories (for women’s, men’s, children), each articulated in four themes, that season after season update Monoprix’s creative galaxy.

Each time, the result of their encounter is as unpredictable as it is enriching: babywear and childrenswear projects along with decorations for children’s rooms, men’s boxers and toiletry bags. And, of course, reusable grocery bags decorated with essential scenes drawn from the City of Light, bags in constant production that tourists like to bring home as a precious, very French souvenirs.

The inevitable process of adapting the motifs – enlargement, colouring, placement – to the various projects is also quite instinctive, marked by a relationship imbued with trust and mutual respect. The Monoprix creatives cherish the precision and personality in the French designer’s patterns – which are poetic and tender yet never overly mannered. And Adélaïde d’Andigné, for her part, appreciates the technical know-how and sensitivity of the brand’s teams, who are always careful to showcase her creative research.



Sac Monoprix

Motifs Sac Monoprix

Motifs sac Monoprix

This exchange of skills and know-hows is only possible in a schema where everyone wins. Adélaïde d’Andigné enriches her career with a prestigious and long-term collaboration, naturally leading her to design motifs capable of conveying her poetic universe to the greatest number of people. Meantime, over the seasons Monoprix builds a style continuity with a powerful identity value, helping to orchestrate this multiple balance of stories and registers that constitutes the brand’s style: modern and timeless, original, yet adapted for all audiences, for all-purpose products with a touch of unique style. On Monoprix’s shelves, the products resulting from this creative sourcing have no designer signature on them. And yet, they are imbued with a unique artistic flair that is constantly conveying a style, an imagination, a story and a collaboration as rich as it is rewarding.

To meet your own future partners and discover motifs that will give your collections a unique character, visit Première Vision Designs, Hall 5, from 12 to 14 February.

In the meantime, prepare your visit by consulting the complete list of exhibitors at Première Vision Designs =>

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