Coming soon: a Première Vision Marketplace

The world leader in upstream creative-fashion trade shows, Première Vision continues  its pioneering role by announcing the creation of a marketplace in 2018.  An explanation from its director, Gaël Séguillon.


Première Vision will launch its Marketplace next July. What was the reason behind this initiative?

This project is in keeping with our mission to foster connections between buyers and exhibitors. We were the pioneers in this approach, and we wish to be so again by extending the experience of the show via this BtoB e-commerce platform. it meets a real need felt by our partners. Many exhibitors cannot undertake such a heavy financial and technical investment.

How will the platform work?

The platform will be reserved for professionals of the fashion industry. All our exhibitors will be on the platform, with a presentation of their activity. Those who wish to participate in the adventure will subscribe to and benefit from all the service’s advantages: assistance in digitizing their catalogues, a platform to receive sample requests and, eventually, orders by the metre. They will benefit from a perfectly secure infrastructure, and the reputation of Première Vision. As for buyers, they will, upon authentication, have free access to the platform. The website will also feature editorial content about trends and market information.

This initiative will plainly transform the market…

Today, relationships between manufacturers and distributors are essentially formed during highlight events, the trade shows. This marketplace will allow everyone to prolong these connections throughout the year, with a regularity that has become essential with the constant proliferation of collections. it will increase business opportunities for suppliers and allow brands to optimize their collectioning.

Won’t it also fundamentally transform the show?

Our shows will maintain their mission. Our partners will always need real meetings and actual physical contact with the materials. The marketplace will also provide an opportunity for visitors to better prepare their visits, to visualize the offer from each exhibitor, and take earlier appointments. in short, make the most of the event.

To get more information:

    Gaël Séguillon,  will present this Ecommerce BtoB platform’s project.
    Thursday 15 February at 10 am, Hall 6, Wearable Lab. Free Access. English
  • Meet the Marketplace Première Vision team – Hall 5/6 at the crossover (5R8-5S7) 13-15 February


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