Colourful, vibrant jacket weights

At Lanificio Fratelli Balli, woollen fabrics point to a winter bathed in tradition and controlled fantasy. A programme for the elimination of chemical substances covers the entirety of the company’s production and sourcing.


New fabrics for AW 2019/20 from Italy’s Lanificio Balli are grouped in eight collection themes: Gogo 80’s, Relaxation and minimal, Soft tradition, Winter boho, Boho natural, Clash heritage, Future sports and Playful.

These diverse themes allow this expert in jacket and coat weight woollens to express its full artistry in creating luxury blends of wool, cashmere, alpaca and mohair. A mix of softness and shine, the season lends itself as much to plains in combed fabrics as it does to the introduction of contemporary designs and fancy jacquards, structured fabrics, a Chanel spirit, bouclée surfaces and more.

Integrated in weaving and finishing, the company is located on the site of the famous Fabbricone de Prato factory. Lanificio Balli guarantees the recently introduced standards aimed at eliminating dangerous chemical substances at various stages of production and materials supply, and offers to share this information with its suppliers.  The management protocol for chemical substances was developed in connection with the “” alliance. It includes supply-chain mapping, the identification of chemical risk products, the authorized limit of substances present in products and processes, monitoring of the collected data, a quantified risk analysis and staff training sessions.

Do not miss this collection during Blossom Première Vision next July 4 & 5!

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