Cocktail Styles and Materials Highlight: The Metallics

Versatile or showy, metallic effects are a constant thread running throughout the AW 21/22 season. Cutting across this season’s materials and styles, they reverberate with a deep and vital desire to have fun, to celebrate.  

Shapes for your cocktail AW 21-22 collections by product destination and our selections of fabrics and leathers to sample:


By opting for transparency, shirts go in for mystery, opting to suggest rather than reveal.

Silk mousselines are embellished with discreet plumetis embroidered with Lurex® yarns, or feature more figurative and colorful decorations – flowers, animal elements – to decorate pieces that are easy to throw on both day and night. Fabrics are swirling, to create blouses with a folk look: sleeves that are puffy and tightened at the wrist, high-cut collars and more or less voluminous ruffle details. The waist is emphasized by shortened cuts or smockings.


Silkies are shot through with metallic yarns, willingly leaning towards cheerful and trenchant colors. These light silks put the emphasis on opulent details: shoulder ruffles, or generously puffed upper sleeves, echoing the season’s pursuit of frivolity and carefreeness.

Knit tops are elaborated in cellulosic fiber blends and shot coppery yarns, and are worn like a second skin for a modern-day chain-mail look.

Laces are embellished with metallic threads too, and are discreetly precious, to go with very feminine shapes such as extremely low-cut bodysuits or bustier designs.

In more exuberant versions, fitted tops have more stature and feature padded shoulders, as if to vaunt a desire to have fun all night long. Tulles embroidered with gold thread and inserted multi-colored sequins make sure the dazzling shine lasts all night long.


Argomenti TessiliMore about the product

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Dresses are cut in the simplest of shapes.

Long and straight, playing with thin straps, they are paired with the fluidity of runny silk crêpes, covered with a golden coating that looks almost eroded here and there. Slit dresses reveal the sensuality of a swaying gait set off by the random shimmer of metallic reflections.

Jacquards feature enlarged floral motifs highlighted by flashes of precious metals – gold, copper, silver – worked together. These jacquards are used for extra short dresses with gathered and shirred details that focus on the upper body: wrapped busts, chest smockings and exaggerated bows.

This season, jacquards are also taking on a certain fullness. Geometric or flora quilting decoration looks inflated from within, updating tailored dresses with a very couture look. Precisely cut, straight, with pleat detailing at the top of sleeves, they tend to square necklines or, in an opposite vein, to turned-up collars. Jumpsuits gaily run off with these luxurious jacquards and vaunt a slightly showy look to the shoulder, with oversized shoulder pads, a super narrow waist and trousers pleated at the waist. Fiercely determined not to go unnoticed, these jumpsuits boldly pull out all the stops.

All-over sequins, in multicolored metal versions, are another way to emphasize extravagance and catch the eye at parties.

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Supple snake skins are coated with various metals that have fused together over time, used for boots that run smoothly over the calf, with little heels and extra-sharp pointed toes.


Snake-printed or solid-colored leathers go in for fantasy, with colorful mirror reflections: electric metallic pinks or blues, to create cross-strap sandals or dizzyingly high-heeled pumps.

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Like a precious stone revealing its buried nuggets, supple lamb leathers are enlivened with coatings of brushed gold, used either as inserts or in all-over for mini baguette bags to be carried over the shoulder.

Functional mini-pochettes are perfect to sling around the neck, an ideal place to store headphones, pocket mirrors or even card holders. Gilded fish leather emphasizes their resemblance to a new-generation gold pendant.


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Whether worked in a full-metal version or in subtle metal-leaf with an eroded look, metal slips into all the AW 21/22 collections to light up our nights and our everyday lives.

Discover our decoding of the AW 21-22 silhouettes, with inspiring style and material highlights, to build your future Cocktail collections.

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