CICB, for the globalization of responsible leather


The Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB), in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, is presenting the Brazilian Leather Project. This is a long-term initiative whose goal is to anchor Brazilian leather production in a responsible approach, and promote its tanneries around the world. To further this goal, the Brazilian Leather Certification of Sustainability has been created, a certification process that encourages local tanneries to adopt healthier, more modern production systems.

To obtain this certification, each tannery goes through a preparation phase during which it works on indicators established by the “ABNT NBR 16.296 – Leathers – Principles, criteria, and indicators for sustainable production” standard. It can then solicit an audit from an Inmetro accredited organisation. Ultimately, thanks to this process, the CICB intends to make the Brazilian leather market 100% responsible. Two tanneries, Fuga Couros and Courovale by BCM, have already obtained certification, and twenty others are currently in the process of being obtained.

To spread these virtuous practices throughout the global leather industry, and promote Brazilian tanneries’ new values of quality and responsibility internationally, Brazilian Leather is forming partnerships with international companies and organizations.


To join the Brazilian Leather initiative, come meet CICB in Hall 3, at the Smart Square.

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