Ciao Milano!

Fresh off of London and Paris, the Denim Première Vision show is now headed to one of Milan’s most exciting districts, with an edition that is more forward-looking than ever, both in terms of style and business.
A closer look with Fabio Adami Dalla Val, Show Manager Denim Première Vision.

The new edition is being held on 28 and 29 May in the heart of Milan, in a new venue. How did you make that choice?
We decided on the historic district of Via Tortona, which is undergoing an incredible revival thanks to the arrival there of
advertising agencies and leading design and photo studios. We’ll hold the show in a vast, renovated industrial building and bring together a total of around 100 exhibitors – roughly 40 weavers, 15 accessory manufacturers, 20 manufacturers, not to mention new partners who are producing high-tech machines. Once again this season, our Turkish partners represent the largest contingent, closely followed by the Italians, who are making a major return with an almost doubled presence, which gives an idea of how dynamic this sector is in this country.

What trends have you already spotted?
We are currently seeing two significant developments. On the one hand, there’s a style approach emphasising new volumes. This is a result of technological advances that now influence the very structure of a garment and no longer just its surface, as has been the case up to now. Today, technology impacts the actual look of a garment, and how it’s worn. At the same time, ecological considerations continue to radically alter the fashion landscape. This is a central issue affecting the entire production chain, from research into new materials – denims made from pineapple pulp! – to new drying or dyeing processes, including a re-thinking of short production circuits. Fashion and ecology are no longer two distinct subjects, they are now inextricably linked.

What are some of the events planned for this edition?
A fashion space will present the new denim trends, in a display designed by the young Italian designer Kristian Guerra, co-developer alongside Laura Guerra of the Ice Surface Temperature creative platform. Seminars will also help companies to tackle the shift towards eco-responsibility and transform this move into a business asset. We will also be organizing workshops around new techniques for pattern making, and natural drying and dyeing methods. And we will strive more than ever to foster a high level of interaction and discussion, to make this show the most important global event in terms of business.

Denim Première Vision May 28 & 29 2019.
Superstudio Più, Milan.
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