Christian Delporte, Decoster Caulliez / video interview

Decoster Caulliez develops multicoloured yarn dyes thanks to the textile engineers they train within the company

Our specificity is to make multicoloured dyeing, which means that over a certain yarn length up to 5 different colours will follow one another or mix. Our main customers are from the automotive and furniture industry, but these yarns are also used for sewing and knitting. For example, manufacturers of marine garments use our multicolored yarns to reduce the stiffness of white, ecru or red colors.

Today in France we still have textile engineering schools but they train theorists and not practitioners like the BTS. We recently hired a young engineer who masters the basics and whom we train in dyeing. It is very difficult to find candidates for our jobs so we train people ourselves once we have found them and judged them suitable to join our company, above all they must want to work and have fun in our field. We use all the levers that exist in the field of training, particularly the opcalia, but we mainly resort to tutoring. In the factory, a departing employee will train his successor for a period of 6 months to 1 year.

We have also set up a fully filmed training course, transcribed both on paper and digitally. When facing a doubt the person consults his binder – physical or online – and can systematically find the page related to his technical issue in order to solve it on its own.

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