CharLe: responsible children’s fashions

Collection_Impression3_CharLe (003)

Since 2010 the CharLe brand, a childrenswear specialist from Germany, has been guided in their work by the words of Vivienne Westwood: “Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity.” Words that set their course from the start.

To stay true to this mantra, the company’s founders took on a daunting challenge: to create clothes that were not only strong enough for all of a child’s daily activities, but also able to evolve as a child grows, so they could be worn as long as possible. They also wanted clothes made using responsible materials, and production methods that respect nature, people and animals. In short, evolving, innovative clothes.

Rising to the challenge, the founders of CharLe developed innovative and inspiring tools designed for the future of fashion, such as skilfully constructed patterns that allow a garment to adjust up to three sizes larger than its original size, as well as the first line of 100%-organic elastics, which are also for sale to designers, factories and retailers. Eager to contribute to a responsible and virtuous consumption circuit, CharLe also selects the most robust fabrics possible, from amongst eco-friendly lines or those labelled Fair Trade.

Responsible, healthy and lasting fashion, Made in Berlin.


Come meet CharLe at the Smart Square, Hall 3.

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