CASUALWEAR STYLE -FOCUS: looks and materials

“Luxury, tranquillity and voluptuousness… “

Volumes are harmoniously fuller, and materials focus in on quality and a sensory appeal. Velvety, soft, and plump handles are sensual, providing a luxurious nest to snuggle up in with a feeling of delight. Decorations are expressed with a certain tranquility,  casting a wave of serenity over the next season.

Discover the key shapes and materials to build up our casual looks for AW21/22.

Jackets – coats

Coats are the true centerpieces of next season’s casual looks, ably stepping into their role as soft and caring protective shells. Volumes are generous and shapes are rounded to create outstanding pieces. The choice of materials proves to be a determining factor, and quality is a must.

Wools are traceable, either milled or brushed, adding interesting thermal performance to their outwardly-casual appearance. Shetland wools strike a balance between strength and lightness to create large egg-shaped coats wrapping the body from shoulder to ankle. Occasionally enhanced with discreetly blurred checks, in a semi-plain vein, they lend an offbeat twist to classic tartans to give rise to elegant capes with exaggerated proportions with the look of urban blankets.

Delicately colored fleeces are proudly astir with more or less curly vaporous hairs, and stand out as another creative direction for next winter’s coats. Fake furs are acquiring ever more eco-friendly qualities. Knee-length coats with oversized collars come in sheared lambskins in pastel shades. Made of recycled polyesters, these puffy furs evoke a delightfully childlike feeling.

Shearling stories are also quite popular. Unisex bombers are worked in double-faced lamb leathers. Like an armor that has bravely withstood the test of time, exteriors confidently display a sturdy leather with an aged or cracked look, impregnable against the elements, while the short, shorn hairs on the interior invite us to savor a soothing warmth. Pockets are exaggeratedly deep, ready to welcome both hands and portable e-devices, while high-cut collars and enveloping hoods skillfully cover every inch of skin.

Burel FactoryJoshua EllisYorkshire Fur Fabrics Limited



Tops and shirts

Really big, unisex overshirts, straddling the line between jacket and shirt, are embellished with workwear details – patch pockets, visible topstitching, side slits – and are worked in downy wool flannels with blurred or hazy checks, and soft and elegant knit velous.

Lighter, close-fitting shirts are made in chiné and brushed bouclette knits in refined blends of recycled wool and alpaca, or brushed cotton.

Generally leaning to sophisticated interpretations, sweaters look to optimize easy comfort and style, growing luxurious thanks to a very select choice of materials. Casual and city codes are mixed together, and a new approach to indoor/outdoor wear creates an exciting way to update styles. Sweaters are casually combined with tailored jackets. Hoodies with kangaroo pockets in double faced knits in blends of recycled wool, polyamide and polyester provide thermal warmth and ultra-comfortable elasticity. Zipped and oversized versions lean to the sensuous,  thanks to cashmere knits and terry cotton/poly knits. The chiné, flecked and blurred designs of these cuddly sweaters visually accentuate their visibly soft feel, for a wholly novel experience that awakens all the senses.

NESATEX SRLMiroglio Textile



Skirts – pants

Infused with this caring influence, babycords grow wider and softer. They are lustrous and more sophisticated, right for fashioning wide and extra-long pants. In menswear, the utilitarian details of side patch pockets lends a structure to casual cargo pants. Flannel-type woolens in wool, cashmere and elastane are used for long asymmetrical and draped skirts, like a warm plaid blanket to curl up in with a sensual relish, enlivened by checks and blurry herringbones.


Bags and shoes

Accessories jump into the role of personal protective gear. Massive high boots with sizeable notched soles are cut from sturdy and soft leathers, livened up with aged and authentic effects achieved through pull-up effects. High, cuffed boots in very soft grained leathers run across the leg, enveloping it like a sensuous adornment. Bag volumes are extremely expanded. Functional satchels and backpacks come with multiple subtly concealed compartments and deep outside pockets, and are cut from high-performance, water-repellent, and very sturdy leathers.



The AW 21/22 season is on a hunt for protection and softness. Materials and cuts subtly harmonize to update casualwear codes. The brilliant mix of nonchalance, well-being and elegance is wholly sensory, and marked by a reassuring sense of calm.

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