Bureau Veritas Certification

Bureau Veritas Certification, to help you monitor your supply chain

Since the Rana Plaza disaster, the transparency of brands’ supply chain has become a key issue for the fashion industry, both in terms of social and environmental responsibility. Engaging in better working conditions is now a prerequisite for the long-term existence of a brand. As a world leader among certification bodies, Bureau Veritas Certification accompanies its clients in managing their supply chain, helping them to better understand the circuit of their suppliers and subcontractors.


By conducting audits of tier 1, 2 and 3 suppliers, Bureau Veritas ensures that social and environmental standards are applied at each stage of the production chain, in compliance with recognized global standards and local regulations.

What adverse effects do production residues have? What toxic products are workers exposed to? How to better understand health and safety issues without impacting profitability? In an approach based on steady improvement rather than sanctions, Bureau Veritas Certification accompanies you in your approach, by proposing, if needed, audits with regard to your own analysis grids, customized grids or international grids, like SMETA 2 or 4 pillar assessments, a standard reference, of your suppliers, for a more fluid flow of information.

Also, how to offer companies a clear vision of how they work with internal or external parties for an ever more efficient workforce.

Bureau Veritas joins the Smart Services offer in September 18.

Visit the Smart Square, Hall 3, to learn more about the tools offered by Bureau Veritas Certification.

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