A breath of fresh air and fantasy

Coming from all over the world, 26 new textile designers further broaden the ever-richer mosaic of visual inspiration at Première Vision Designs. Here, a colourful sample of companies debuting at the September edition of Première Vision Paris.



Spanish designer Elena Romero works in a pared down and eclectic graphic style that willingly adopts both digital tools and manual techniques such as watercolours. The result is chic and colourful, perfect for fashion as well as interior design.


England’s Knitster LDN and the Kate Lewis Studio specialize respectively in knitting and embroidery. Born of a meeting just six months ago between Emma McClelland and Aysen Bayram, the brand new London Knitster LDN studio develops knit samples often enhanced by embroidery, giving them an original touch.


The studio named after Kate Lewis has been working in the creative textile design world for nearly 20 years, and specialises in hand and mechanical embroidery, with a particular emphasis on innovative techniques such as collage, tufting, pleating, beading, laser cutting and various manipulations.


Crochet plays a starring role at India’s Shah Originals, which mixes international inspirations with the intricate and colourful patterns typical of Rajasthan, for geometric or floral designs perfect for chic beachwear.


This cross between local and international influences also inspires research at the Turkish studio Tek Desen, which has developed a range of designs combining modernity and tradition, traditional floral motifs and abstract accents since 1981.


The beauty of natural shapes also inspires the creative vein at Germany’s Sonja Reyle, whose vegetal and geometric motifs plays on lines, strata and colour in a surprisingly unexpected way, for an organic and stylized result, sketched to hand and then digitally elaborated.

Heading up the atelier Forte Tête – French for “headstrong” – France’s Emilie Filatreau remains true to the company moniker with motifs for fashion and the home marked by a strong personality.  Filatreau designs by hand and refines her work on a computer, freely juggling sources and a wide variety of inspirations.

So many elements comprising an ever-richer mosaic of motifs and visual inspirations.

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