Bossa A20W21 Collection

Bossa, the Turkish denim mill, wants to align their denims with consumer trends and directions. They devise themes covering the different facets of the latest denim trends.

The new collection, outlined below, will be showcased at Denim Première Vision in Milano next May 28 – 29.



Jeans, way too casual? Some of us certainly think so. Many of us save denim for weekends. Well it’s time to think outside the box. Denim becomes dressier and slightly more formal with these smart denims, for a dapper get-up that will take you effortlessly from boardroom to a night out.

Be Smart with our denims, wear them and feel cool. Elegant and formal looks are created and highlighted by:

Techknit Family: a brand new woven fabric technology with a knitted look. Offering excellent comfort, Bossa Techknit perfectly adapts to the body with a natural feel and soft touch. Feel the freedom!
Thermolite and wool fibres are used to keep you warm in winter
Denim Waves! Soft and colourful waves of velvety corduroy denims
Coloured articles with different weave and constructions




Imagine a jean offering 24-hour comfort. These jeans have extra-softness and a comfort never before experienced in denim. No matter the weather conditions,  you’ll feel wrapped in a pleasant atmosphere! Relaxed, warm and cozy…

New blends and performant fibres, to make your body and your life warmer and softer. Key messages of this concept are:

Meet the softest denim in the blue world! A brand-new finishing technology that offers extreme comfort and ultra softness never before experienced in denim.
Dreamy Denim, a story of softness. Finer than cashmere, smoother than silk and warmer than wool. Dreamy Denim fabrics are woven with innovative Japanese “miyabi” fibres creating a new dimension of comfort.
XPLAY, soft touch bi-stretch Loves freedom as much as you do!
JX, second-skin high elastic fabrics!
Future Denim! 100% Sustainable Denim. Combining sustainable fibres and dyeing techniques, it’s the denim of the future.


The only rule is that there are no rules, no limitations, no boundaries. Express yourself without any fear.

With these jeans, freedom and endless possibilities await you. With advanced, clean and strong shades of blue and unlimited styles, so everyone can wear denim just as they are.

The concept feature:

Clean, flat look articles, produced with several blends.
Overdyes, chintz-coated denims.




Inspired by the mystery of moonlight, this concept channels black colours for autumn/winter. New shades, new tones to give a different look to your denims.

Black jeans are a wardrobe must-have! Our blacks give a different look to your denims.

Highlights of this concept are:

All black and anthracite shades and tones, with various constructions.
– One quality for everyone with black shades.
Eversoft! Softest black jeans.
Leather and metallic coatings.
Ultranero! Never fade-out, intense black.


The story of denim is intricately intertwined with the modern history of the US. Jeans were first working clothes, then symbols of disobedience, only to become fashion items.

Denim has undergone a reinvention, back to its denim roots. Heritage is inspired by old school denims: traditional authentic fabric constructions with authentic yarn shapes, vintage indigo shades, coarser counts.

Highlights of this concept are:

32’’, Selvedge Denims!
Future Denim! 100% Sustainable Denim.
XPLAY, bi-stretch, warp stretch articles. Loves freedom as much as you do!
Crosshatch comfort, stretch family
Old school jeans with various constructions
Coated articles


To discover Bossa’s collection, join us on May 28th and 29th at Superstudio Più.

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