Materials that make a difference


Launched in July 2016, Blossom Première Vision is an exclusive event dedicated to the presentation of the latest raw materials:  fabrics, leather and accessories. This novel event was specially created for pre-collections at fashion houses and creative brands, with a specifically adapted calendar.

Some 116 international suppliers – the most inventive, the most creative –  have been selected for this edition. Superbly innovative fantasy, accessories in engraved wood and mother-of-pearl, fine embroidery and lace, original prints and jacquards, skins with naturally expressive grains, knits, fabrics and labels featuring an alluring technology, and many other discoveries await you.

“Fashion wouldn’t be fashion without these suppliers. Day after day, season after season, they create, develop, innovate and invent the raw materials that will make the garment, the bag or the shoe of tomorrow. These craftsmen nourish designers with their raw materials and accessories, so essential to the creation of a collection. Fashion houses and producers of these materials share and exchange ideas to give rise to the wildest desires, and materials that truly distinguish a collection.” explains Chantal Malingrey.

Next December’s edition will unveil the spring summer 20 pre-collections: new product developments, latest material innovations, colour directions and more.

“The discovery of a new collection is always a magic moment. Fashion houses visit Blossom Première Vision to come into contact with the reality of the new fabrics, skins and accessories, and actually touch them. They come to meet their suppliers, to be inspired and surprised by things they might not have thought of. A garment is a story, and quite often it’s born from an encounter with a new material …”

Join us next 12 and 13 December at the Carreau du Temple!

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