Bag & Shoes AW2122

The stand-out accessories and components for the leather goods and footwear markets.

Components for this market harmoniously underline or contrast the strong positions taken by accessories for leather goods and footwear. A season where the theme is one of lightness, with inflated roundness, joyful and exuberantly creative prints, polymorphic vegetal inspirations, bold surfaces and textures and very carefully conceived products with an emphasis on design and the simple lines of the products.

Joyful exuberance
Opulent roundness
Components swell, gaining volume in their forms and their dimensions.
Inflated from the inside, metal buckles and clasps expand and spin. The organic bulges of textile elements are plump and protective. Soft and spongy bags, with the generous volumes of the season, are adorned with accessories boasting an opulent roundness.
Carved surfaces
An opulence seen in accessories that authorizes all forms of ostentation.
Surfaces are elaborately worked, chiseled, engraved, in maximalist ornamental statements. Historical references are freeform and somewhat fanciful. An eye-catching visual presence decorates accessories and footwear with sober, chic or more functional designs.
Tousled fleeces
Tousled fleeces cover surfaces, long fringes and spiky irregular peaks are placed at points of movement. Humor is the watchword, with a penchant for surprise and an amused wink.

Exhibitors : Aplical, Clic, Labam, Valter, C.D.C., Sab Weixing Group, Goretti, Passamaneria Frassinetti, Poursin, Ata Tekstil, Gripmore, Société Choletaise de Fabrication, Piemme Boutons, C.D.C, Sama, Gripmore, Publiesse Technique, Aplical, Invoga, Texcart, Marcy – Côté Plume, Marcy – Côté Plume

Transfigured nature
Translucent symbioses
Nature and the biological curiosities of its micro-structures inspire components. Jellified appearances, cellular translucence, the luminescence they emanate trouble materials. These textures are expressed on structured formats.
Velvety proliferation
Leaf hairs that are invisible to the naked eye and bizarre types of down are seen in flocking with surprising velvety proliferations.

Exhibitors: Labam, Lampa, Sab Weixing Group, Labam, Texcart, Dorlet, Nastrotex-Cufra, Crépin-Petit, Lecuyer-Fantex-Groupe Lecuyer, Forza Giovane Art, Fratelli Reali & C, Manifatture Modenese

Telluric influences 
Unusual resins
The wide range of resins, rubbers and durable materials made from bio-polymers and recycled plastics inspire components which experiment across the entire spectrum from transparency to opacity. In strata or as flows, textures are irregular, inclusions are precious.
Rugged minerality :
A geological inspiration between mineral and metal. Surfaces are worn, oxidized, simulating the natural erosion of elements.  Hammered surfaces, patinated galvanizations, powdery matt paints dominate the shape, in a contemporary, minimalist yet luxurious vision of rawness. It combines with the living textures showcased this season on leathers and textiles for accessories.

Exhibitors: Aplical, Bap, Labam, Société Choletaise de Fabrication, Labam, Aplical, Lartigianabottoni, Dorlet, Clic, Valter, Valter, Artmétal-Framex-Janvier-Coinderoux, Clic, Piemme Boutons

Simple and functional
Shaped iconics
The iconic accessories of leather goods and footwear – buckles, clasps, snap hooks and eyelets – have been simplified to the extreme. Lines are sharp, each detail is functional and designed to preserve only the essence of the object.
Streamlined technicity
Ergonomic objects and formal simplicity communicate in a perfectionist aesthetic borrowed from industrial design. We redesign with precision these functional elements – cords and stoppers, quick release buckles, snap hooks and straps, taken from the utilitarian or sporting worlds. Components that slip into the new clothing ranges at the crossroads between urban tech and sports chic.
Fragmented colors
In a morphing with digital inspirations, colors and decors trouble the vision and deconstruct surfaces. Anodized metallizations are fractioned into colors, iridescents are blurred. Two-tone metallizations with changing highlights, like car body work, and graphic decors animate surfaces with optical movements.

Exhibitors: Clic, Piemme Boutons, Mabo Group, Promistamp, Piemme Boutons, BRB, Dorlet, Aplical, Bap Chiusure Lampo, Cadicagroup, Sab Weixing Group, Mabo Group, Lampa, Texcart, Sab Weixing Group, Gripmore, Publiesse Technique, Lampa, Clic, Gripmore, Publiesse Technique

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