AW21-22 : color preview

The Autumn Winter 21-22 range offers up an energetic and unsettling double reading, for a season unfurling colors at once radical and soft, luminous and intoxicating, synthetic and natural.

Tones are a balancing act of ethereally luminous and pale hues contrasted by intensely pigmented tones and tangible darks. Faux tone-on-tone combinations include vibrant artificial hues and naturals.
Foundational and catalysing, reds are worked in full trios and imagined in volume, or coordinated with other shades in biting harmonies.

Strange illusions – pinkish, reddish, bluish – act as bizarre filters, creating the look of an altered and synthesized reality. Chiaroscuro with a tangible and original essence emphasizes light,and reveals textures. A fertile and generous nature, delightfully altered, is freshly renewed with reassuring and grating accents.

Discover more about the reds of the season, as well as on active color on our Première Vision website.
All the informations about the exclusive PV color range can be found here !



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