AW 25-26 decodings: Fabrics highlights

Turning Sustainability into a Source of Inspiration

Enough of half-measures and a sprinkling of good intentions! Eco-design calls for a well-defined and fully thought-out approach. Weavers are taking eco-design as a source of inspiration, fully embracing it. They’re taking a stance and sticking to it. Proponents of traceability are simplifying the process for conscientious consumers by shying away from stray decoration and superfluous fantasy, focusing instead on a perfect simplicity with outstanding quality, density and a mechanical finishing touch. In another vein, frontline explorers are reveling in all the new ways to use waste, alternative fibers and recyclings. They combine lessons from the past with advanced technologies in free creative expressions that know no boundaries, dictates or middle grounds.


As yarns grow finer, textures grow denser and can even modify behaviors. Make way for full, round and generous handles, in thickened, malleable yet unruly materials, that shape plush volumes and richly noble drapings. For a final note of perfection, calendered, lacquered, and mercerized finishings give a final polish to these smooth, almost amalgamated and firmly-set surfaces. Dense fabrics are the hallmark of a minimalist luxury tinged with modern elegance.

Balas Textile
Les Tissages Perrin
Nikke Textile
B.O.B Textile

Passage of Time

A tribute to slowness, celebrating the inventiveness inspired by imperfection. In their own way, this season’s fabrics tell the story of a world without end, where everything is recycled, transformed, rethought – and everything can be enhanced. There’s a tenderness in the wrinkled and bumpy surfaces, iridescence in the faded colors, and emotion in the scars and scratches. All this invites a creative resilience that is inclusive in its inspirations and abundant in its creations.

T.B.M. Group – Tessitura Di Albizzate – Borghi 1819 – TFM
Destro Fabrics
Mario Cucchetti Tessuti
Batmaz Tekstil

Liberate our everyday 

Those easy-living pieces –  the pajamas, sweats and underwear that pamper us with their reassuring modesty – are admittedly hard to give up. No worries! Fashion is ready to meet them on their home turf, and turns its attention to our beloved basics. Winter will be both cozy and luxurious, noble and high-performing. Compositions grow more sophisticated, blending their properties to provide softness, comfort and thermal balance. Eco-designed and elegant, the new basics take care of our physical, moral and social well-being. It’s time to  liberate our everyday.

Maglificio Alto Milanese
Feinjersey Fabrics – Dfine
Ozen Mensucat

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