AW 21/22 OUTERWEAR PREVIEW: a season of welcoming, high-performance protection


The Autumn-Winter 21-22 season is characterized by a search for balance. Fluctuating between contrasts, always focused on the future, it vigorously embraces its contradictions. A desire to reconnect with others, with the outside world, with physical materials, is real and undeniable – and sympathetically resonates with the search for protection, which is so reassuring and understandable at this particular moment.

This search for protection, which is influencing next winter’s styles and materials, is carving out a special place for itself in the Outerwear market.

Behind an outwardly casual look, a variety of influences are combined, for product developments that are both highly creative and high-performance, inviting us to reconnect with the natural elements rather than merely brave them.

See a preview on the Marketplace, to locate fabrics using the performance codes developed by Première Vision to help you build your next AW 21/22 collections.


At one with the elements


With their casual vibe, early-season winter jackets are confidently relaxed without compromising their technical performance. Subtly coated or waxed, cotton-look blends lend sophistication to clearly workwear-inspired details. The collar can be rolled up for added protection, with a neat and clean look thanks to these water-repellent* or waterproof* cottons, perfect for early fall rains and blustery breezes.

In versions geared more to the city, trench coats grow fuller, brilliantly combining technical features and chic elegance. Multilayer and double-faced cottons, two-toned or patterned, blend a mix of qualities and provide optimum wind protection in a range of highly creative variations. Getting out to clear your head and letting your trench catch the breeze without worrying about the weather is just one of next winter’s cheery promises.

Woolen suit jackets fuse the formal look of bankers’ stripes with waterproof/breathable performance. These properties keep water out while wicking moisture away from the body to the outside of the garment. For an unabashed head-to-toe tailored look, jackets are coordinated with cigarette pants and heritage-look sneakers – a perfect outfit for hopping on a bike or weaving through traffic on an e-scooter – promising a dynamic autumn with a look of cool comfort.






For major items, thermal performance embraces lightness, for clothes that are increasingly airy and protective. Parkas favor featherweight windproof* volumes designed to block the breezes. These styles are often two-faced, with a shiny surface, for sporty and energetic looks ready to jump with gusto into next season.




Taming the big chill

The carefree and youthful appeal of ’90s-style denim jackets conceals beefed-up climatic* properties suited to the chilliest weather conditions.



Warm and reassuring, shearlings worked in wrapped styles are transformed into soft cocoons with an immaculate, almost childlike softness. Enhanced with water-repellent* treatments, the surfaces of these skins fearlessly resist liquids, and calmly stand up to dirt and soil.

Even the coldest, rainiest weather is no match for double-faced furs, for coats that don’t have to choose between a sophisticated natural appeal and innovative performance.



Down jackets – a leading item for several seasons now – retain all their appeal for winter 21/22. Puffed up to the max, yet ultra-light thanks to downproof* fabrics, they block feathers inside the fabric. This season, a play on quiltings worked on shiny fabrics gives rise to surprising versions with futuristic looks.






Helpmates to innovation and creativity, the performance codes created by Première Vision are must-have tools for building your winter 21/22 collections – an autumn-winter decisively turned to the future, fully embracing the contradictions between absolute protection and casual sophistication, and daring to be one with nature.


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