Everyday a party: AW 21-22 styles and materials.

Opulent and fanciful, the AW 21-22 season invites us into a world of fun and celebration. Without a trace of hesitation, materials and shapes blithely venture into an everyday universe too long stripped of any fantasy, to re-enchant it.

Shapes for your cocktail collections by product destination and our selections of fabrics, leathers and accessories to sample:


The season’s dresses evince a clear desire to escape the ordinary.

Jacquards dip into folklore references with a powerful visual and creative punch. Ornamental flowers and motifs go big, tending to ultra-enlarged versions ready to break out of their too-narrow frames. Colors are bold, vegetal, with powerful chlorophyll greens and magenta pinks worked in deliberate harmony with dark grounds to emphasize their graphic impact. These jacquards are occasionally embellished with cut-yarns or discreet shine, creating intriguing optical effects thanks to 3D effects.

These generously elaborated decorations are worked in pared-down dress styles with a subtly emphasized shoulder and meticulous details, including gently raised collars, and marked darts at the waist or upper sleeves.

A different story embraces ultra-simplified shapes. A lingerie spirit, with fine straps delicately crisscrossing the back, puts forward dresses with fringed hems to twirl the night away, or side slits that reveal the leg up to there, and won’t hinder even the firmest stride. These simple shapes go marvelously with runny silks in clashing colorways, to create dresses just right for day or night with an undeniable power of seduction.

Compact and firm stretch satins in polyamide elastane build structured dresses with expanded volumes that pile on the details, with a plethora of flounces gathered on hemlines, and bows brazenly positioned at the waist.


Tops go in for a heightened femininity, slightly offbeat, which brilliantly succeed at catching the eye.

Fringes are placed on V-necked tops with fine straps, and delicate follow the slightest movement of the body. They are used to trim the sleeves of pared-down shirts elaborated in supple crepes, to keep time with the whirl of swirling arms in boisterous evenings. Shorter, dressier versions are worked in all-over to light up the dance floor.

Full, malleable silks are perfect for shirts with gathered waists or tied and knotted along the sides. Bouclés and brocades in a precious gem spirit come together for a fun tribute to a vintage, showy cocktail spirit. Asymmetrically worked oversized ruffles are provocatively positioned on shoulders, and ultra-feminine, revealing and draped necklines spice up too-tame tops. Sleeves are brilliantly elaborated, with outsized balloon or mutton sleeves eaborated thanks to springier and stretchier suiting fabrics.

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Generous volumes update the season’s jackets.

Jacquards are thicker with a 3D effect, thanks to plays on quiltings, or motifs that look blown up from the inside – with more abstract geometric flowers and shapes. These volumes lead to pared-down, straight cut jackets with a small raised collar. Shoulders are sometimes rounded for a subtly imposing effect. Egg shapes are shortened and fuller, as if to express a desire for fun and freedom.

Coats flaunt masterly, extravagant fleeces. Curly, short or long, their look gives a witty offbeat spin to a fur coat with a just a hint of gentrification. Grating colors are popular, along with multicolored directions, for coats that are amusingly seductive, joyful and expressive. A hybrid of genres is at work: shiny polyamides with reversible metallic effects smarten up sportswear-influenced parkas.


Festive looking accessories create a sensation.

Snake-printed cow leathers with colorful metallic reflections clash on the foot thanks to fine straps on heeled sandals. Massive boots in varying heights playfully adopt elegant red lacquered leathers given a new spin thanks to a look that bridges special occasions and the everyday.

Bags boast more or less cozy quiltings featuring a witty pile-on of jewels. Chicer baguette bags, ever so slightly retro, have handles comprised of multicolored, iridescent gold chains. Lush and abundant jewelry – pearls, semi-precious stones – are boldly and randomly placed on smooth or lacquered leather clutch bags.

Opulence is also reflected in decorations sporting a historical or folk influence printed on lamb or cow leathers, for small bags that are very practical to wear slung casually around the neck. 

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This AW 21-22, an urge to celebrate permeates the full gamut of the season’s creative directions. Far from limiting themselves to cocktail only, fantasy and opulence infuse all segments, to create accessories and clothing to enhance both our day-to-day and evenings.

Discover our decoding of the AW 21-22 silhouettes, with inspiring style and material highlights, to build your future Cocktail collections.

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